ClickFunnels is an extremely popular funnel builder used by affiliates.

Affiliates will have a lot of good things to say about ClickFunnels if they’re actively promoting the software but that doesn’t mean it’s an unbiased ClickFunnels review.

Come one,of course affiliates want you to think good things about ClickFunnels and to buy the product through their affiliate link,that’s how they make their money.

But it you’re a person who wants to spend their hard earned money on ClickFunnels, you don’t want to hear a ClickFunnels review from someone with something to gain. You want to hear a ClickFunnels review from someone who has nothing to gain but to give you the facts about this product.

That’s why I’m writing this unbiased review. It will provide you with the right information so you can make an informed decision about whether ClickFunnels is the right software tool for your business.

ClickFunnels Basics

The ClickFunnels website states that they can help you build a fully functional funnel ready to make you money with just the single click of a button.

They provide a set of “ready-made” templates that you as the user can customize and modify to set up these funnels with a minimum amount of work.

Basically, they claim the whole setup is just drag and drop and very simple.

There is also a premium package that includes additional features on top of the basic package. It lets you set up an even better “sales funnel” system.

ClickFunnels Cost:

As I just mentioned, ClickFunnels has a basic and premium package. They call their premium package their “Etison Suite.”

Their base package will cost you $97 per month, which adds up to only $1200 per year. The full suite of tools, the Etison package, costs much more at $297 per month, or close to $3600 per year.

ClickFunnels Features:

$297 a month can be a lot of money for some people, depending on the size of your business. However, that money might be well spent if the features offered by the package can benefit your business in a major way…

Some of the features offered by ClickFunnels include:

– The ability to quickily create funnels that are ready to sell your products and services. This includes opt-in pages, upsell and cross sell pages, and thank you pages.

– The ability to create membership sites. You can set it up so your visitors sign up for a membership, and then have access to exclusive content which you previously created and can continuously update.

– Integrates with both PayPal and Stripe. The opportunity to collect payments from multiple vendors increases the chances that a lead will convert into a paying customer.

– Autoresponder Integration.  This way you can respond to and nurture your prospects without actually having to spend the time to create the emails yourself. The process is automated for you.

– The ability to do A/B split testing on every single page of your funnel. You can A/B test your sales pages,optin pages, membership content, and even your thank you pages. Split testing increases your conversion rates and makes you more money with your marketing funnels!

– Tools to connect with potential affiliates. You can manage your own affiliates through Clickfunnels Backpack so you can recruit new affiliates and pay your existing affiliates for their work.

– Access to important metrics on all of your funnel pages. This means you can analyze the performance of your funnel, see your conversion rates, and much much more!

That’s not a bad set of tools for building a sales funnel. ClickFunnels does provide what they promise in the form of easy to use tools for creating different types of funnel pages. Whether or not it’s worth your money is a different question.

Additional Costs

So you get all of those features for just a tad under $300 per month. But is ClickFunnels really worth the money?

Bear in mind that the $300 per month you’re spending on ClickFunnels is just for creating and maintaining your funnel pages. Your ClickFunnels subscription doesn’t help you drive traffic to your marketing funnels…

You’ll have to spend additional money to drive trafic, generate leads,and acquire  paying customers. The responsibility will also be on you to run ads, write salescopy for your funnels,craft email marketing sequences and run webinars

The additional costs for email marketing can be high. If you are heavily dependent on a large email marketing campaign, ClickFunnels won’t necessarily be a good investment. A large portion of your budget will still be spent on creating and maintaining your email marketing campaign, especially if you have a large email list.

Any other business expenses you have will still exist as well. ClickFunnels isn’t going to replace any positions in your company, if you pay employees for content creation or similar. Other tools and programs that you spend money on won’t change either

Tools are only as good as you make them, and if your lead generation isn’t good to begin with, ClickFunnels won’t help your online business move forward. You need to have a solid traffic generation strategy in place if you want the ability to generate leads and customers with the funnels you have set up with ClickFunnels.

Possible Alternatives to ClickFunnels

There are some funnel builders on the market that are cheaper to use than ClickFunnels.

For example, you can use Unbounce to create your optin pages,sales pages,and thank you pages for less than the cost of even the basic ClickFunnels package. In addition, they offer A/B testing just like ClickFunnels does. Unbounce charges just $79 per month.

You can do email marketing for free by using Mailchimp, but that’s just for those first starting out. If you need something with a bit more power than Mailchimp, you can also try Drip. Both of these email service providers have many of the same automation features offered by ClickFunnels.

You don’t really need to integrate Stripe or Paypal to accept payments. You can simply work directly through those vendors themselves and pay the percentage fees they charge.

There are also a few other options if you want to manage your own affiliate program. For example, ShareaSale charges a single one time payment of $500 for their affiliate management software. The software gives you the ability to acquire and manage thousands of affiliates so you have an army of affiliates out in the field selling your products and services for you!

You might be happy using other affiliate management software on the market. While ClickFunnels offers it as a feature, many users report that it ‘s buggy and incomplete. There were also a few reports of nonresponsive customer service on the part of ClickFunnels as well. Don’t expect to get your money’s worth from every feature of ClickFunnels.

Is ClickFunnels worth the investment?

Of course!

The downside to using all those other software tools to replace ClickFunnels is the fact that it can get really complicated trying to piece them altogether. ClickFunnels offers all of those same features in one place, so you don’t have to move from tool to tool to get your marketing funnel up and running.

Plus, ClickFunnels lets you do all of this without having to touch the code involved. If you aren’t a programmer and don’t want to have to do any coding, ClickFunnels offers the ability to create all of the pages you need. Their drag and drop interface is perfect for the internet marketer who doesn’t code and doesn’t want to.

You can do things efficiently with ClickFunnels, too, because it saves you the trouble of having to design multiple pages of your funnel at once. Everything is set up from premade templates. You just click and go, dragging and dropping elements from the toolbars into the pages you want to create.

So if your online business can afford the $300 a month price tag, and you prefer having everything accessible from a single platform, then ClickFunnels is definitely the funnel builder for you. It means that you can basically click a few buttons and set up a whole marketing campaign in less than a day!

For those who prefer a more do it yourself approach, don’t mind doing the coding themselves, or can’t afford the relatively high cost, you’re better off finding other tools to do the same job.

Basically, it comes down to money versus effort. Like almost anything in business, you can work harder to get something done yourself, or you can pay someone to do it for you. In this case, you’re paying ClickFunnels to organize and maintain a suite of tools for you, instead of having to hunt them down yourself.

It also means that you don’t have to learn to use a number of different platforms. If you are not very computer-savvy on learning new programs, this could be a big plus. You’ll just have to learn the ClickFunnels user interface and go from there, instead of having to learn how to use several tools and programs.

The only one downside to what ClickFunnels does is that it suffers a bit from feature overload.

For example, the drag and drop page builder has been done by other funnel builders such as LeadPages. Except that because they try to make it easy to use, they take away some of the flexibility. You are limited to creating content in the rows and columns available to you.

Other products, such as Unbounce, don’t have this limitation. Unbounce focuses on being the best page creation tool, and they do a great job at it.

That doesn’t mean that ClickFunnel isn’t a good choice. It just means that by packaging everything together, the quality of some of the individuals tools can suffer. It’s like buying a hardware set at a big box retailer rather than buying a single good screwdriver from a tool store. The job will get done with either tool, but the screwdriver from the tool store will be higher quality.

It also affects their ability to provide customer service and support for all of their features. Their customer service agents have to be prepared to handle questions about page creation, email marketing, and subscriber management, instead of being able to focus on being very good at helping customers with just one thing.

Overall ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels is not the only product that you can use to create your sales funnels. It’s not even necessarily going to be the most effective. For some of their features, there are better programs out there.

However, it is likely to be the easiest to use and the most efficient tool for setting up new campaigns. It requires almost no effort from the part of the marketer to set up the pages.

If you already have the infrastructure in place to bring visitors to your funnel sites, ClickFunnels can help you quickly turn those visitors into paying customers.

Because everything is packaged together in a single product, ClickFunnels is able to charge more for their subscriptions than other companies charge for their tools. That doesn’t mean you’re being overcharged, but you should be aware of what you’re getting when you pay those rates.

According to this ClickFunnels Reviewer, if you can afford the cost and need the tools, go ahead and make the purchase. You’ll find it quick and easy to use, and might see some real increase in your online business from it.

If you can’t afford the cost, don’t sweat it, find your own tools to do the same job for less money but with more effort. There are lots of options out there that you can put together into your own suite of functioning tools, many of them at a fraction of the cost of ClickFunnel or even free.

But like they say,you get what you pay for!

I would go with ClickFunnels!

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