Tyronne Ratcliff here…

Hope you’re having an awesome
start to your weekend!

I know there are people out there
wondering why I’ve promoted
MLSP so hard the last 5 years or so

Well the answer is real simple…

I care about the people I’m serving and
I know MLSP gives YOU the best shot
at building a successful online business

Especially if you’re just getting started

Here’s the thing…

Most people out there are trying to juggle
multiple briny shiny objects (BSOs) at one
time because they see the “gurus” out there
doing it successfully

Well the average person has a hard time having
success with one BSO,let alone a few!

If you don’t know,a BSO is a business
opportunity that gets hot for a year or so but
eventually fizzles out (think Empower Network)

By the way,MLSP is definitely NOT a bright
shiny object considering it’s been around for
close to ten years!

Plus MLSP may not seem “sexy” like the
average BSO but they teach sound marketing
principles (attraction marketing) that get people


I would like to offer you around $800 in BONUSES
if you decide to join my team in MLSP

Here are the bonuses I’m offering:

Bonus #1 – System Setup & Auto-Responder Integration
I will do most of the system setup for you plus I’ll
integrate your auto-responder so you can start building
your email list on day one.

(If you don’t have an auto-responder simply reply to
this email and I’ll share with you the one I recommend)

Bonus #2 – Free Tuition to my Facebook Prospecting
University. I’ll give you free lifetime access to my facebook
marketing course. This course will teach you how to build
trust,credibility and rapport with people on facebook so you
can close them into MLSP or your primary business

Bonus #3 – Free Access to my Video Marketing Bootcamp.I’ll
give you free lifetime access to my video marketing bootcamp.
This training will teach you how to rank on the 1st page of Google
with your YouTube videos so you can make passive income selling
affiliate offers.

I love ranking my YouTube videos on the 1st page of Google because
they just sit there generating me traffic,leads and sales. Video
marketing is the best way to generate affiliate income in my

Bonus #4 – Free blog critique. If you’ve been struggling to get results
with your blog this blog critique will be priceless. I’ve been blogging
for the last 5 years and I know what works and what doesn’t when it
comes to generating leads and sales with a blog.

After you signup at the Mastery level simply refer to this email
to get your bonuses

That’s it for today,


Quote of the day:

“There are two great days in a person’s life,
the day we are born and the day we
discover why.”

-William Barclay

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