In this quick 7 minute video I’d like to give you a tour of the Funnel University backoffice. Just so you know,Funnel University is the only education you need when it comes to learning how to build sales funnels that generate leads and make money.

Check out the video below…

Every month Russell Brunson funnel hacks 30+ funnels so he can find the newest,best ways people in various markets are building their funnels.

Each month Russell picks his 2 top funnels and builds his physical print newsletter around that. What works best in the world of funnels shipped right to your doorstep!

If you don’t know,funnel hacking is when you find a funnel/sales process that performs well and you copy it with your own funnel or use their funnel as inspiration

You don’t steal their sales copy,branding and things like that. You’re basically just copying their sales process.

Things you can funnel hack include:

-Squeeze Page Design (colors,fonts)
-Offer Structure (value ladder)
-Order Form Design

The best way to funnel hack is to actually go through the person’s funnel and buy their products.

What made you pull out your credit card and buy? (what buying triggers did they use)

What kind of one time offer (OTO) did they present to you?

If you bought the OTO why did you? If you didn’t buy the OTO what was it that prevented you from buying?

My 2 favorite issues of Funnel University were when Russell and his business partner funnel hacked the Dollar Shave Club and Dollar Beard Club funnels…

If you’re an e-commerce store owner those are 2 back issues of Funnel University you’ll want to study!

One of my favorite perks of being a member of Funnel University is their CF Pro Tools Add-Ons.

CF Pro Tools is a suite of software tools that add to the functionality of ClickFunnels. The only way you can get access to these software tools is being a member of FunnelU.

You won’t find these secret software tools anywhere else!

As of this writing they have 40+ software add-ons you can add to ClickFunnels.

Check them out below:

-Instant Survey Generator
-Video Image Generator
-Webinar Chat App
-Instant File Uploader
-CF Check Button
-CF Promo Code
-Edit CF Page Bookmarklet
-CF USA Only Shipping Hidden
-CF USA Only Shipping Disabled
-CF UTM Term Replacer
-CF Member Nav
-CF URL Email Replacer
-CF Customer Info Replacer
-CF Cookie Timed Button
-CF Best Seller Highlight
-CF Rearrange Products
-CF Add To Calendar
-CF Remove Expiry Years
-CF URL Keyword Replace
-CF Pass Product
-CF Select Default
-CF Bump Image
-CF Split Full Name
-CF 2 Step Track Lead
-CF Member Scroll To Content
-Funnel U Funnel Hacked
-CF Cart Mode
-CF Multiple OTOs
-CF Lesson Links
-CF State Selector
-CF Multiple Product Script
-CF Unslider Script
-CF Top Of Hour
-CF Every Fifteen Minutes Webinar
-CF Same Billing
-CF Order Summary
-CF FB Total Track
-CF Toggle On Product
-Magic Member Nav
-CF International Shipping
-CF Multiple Bumps
-CF Promo Code Pro
-CF OTO Grouped Products

Anyways,enough of me trying to sell you on Funnel U…

You can see the kind of value Russell and his team provide you inside of Funnel University…

When you test drive Funnel University for 14 days you’ll get a gift in the mail that retails for $697.

Here is what you get:

-Funnel Stacking – Russell’s new book that shows the 3 funnels that make 98% of his income AND all of the stats on each page, the emails that link them together and MORE! ($297 Value)

-The Funnel U Black Card – This is the equivalent of a $2,000 funnel marketing course, but instead of shipping you a dozen DVD’s, he put them all on this USB black card! ($497 Value)

-Funnel U Print Newsletter – Russell trys to funnel hack AT LEAST one funnel per day. That means that he dissects 30+ funnels per month so he can consistently find the newest, best ways people are building their funnels. Each month he picks his top 2 funnels, and we build our newsletter around that. ($1,297 Value)

-DotComSecrets Labs Software Suite – You’ll get instant access to some of the COOLEST marketing software tools on the planet. Instant Survey Generator, Video Image Uploader, Webinar Chat App and MORE! ($1,997 Value)

-And of course much much more…

Here are the bonuses I’m giving away when you decide to invest in Funnel University with my affiliate link:

=> FREE access to my Video Marketing Bootcamp ($297 value)

=> FREE access to my Facebook Marketing Course ($97 value)

=> $197 in information products related to the topics of internet marketing & affiliate marketing

That’s close to $600 in BONUSES if you decide to invest in Funnel University through my affiliate link

By the way,make sure you clear your cookies before you decide to purchase Funnel University through my affiliate link

This is so I can get credit for the sale and you can get your bonuses

For more information about Funnel University click here NOW!






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