Greek scientist Archimedes once said:

“If you give me a long enough pole and a place to stand….I can move the world.”

What was he talking about?

He was talking about the phenomenon called leverage!

Simply put,leverage is a way of achieving more with the same effort

I love generating multiple income streams from home leveraging other people’s time,money and effort

Here are 2 great ways to generate leveraged income…

Network Marketing – Network marketing is a great way to leverage other people’s time,money and effort!

Every person I recruit on my team is like a salesman out in the field making me sales. What I love about network marketing is the residual income. I put in the work once to recruit someone,but I can generate income from that person month after month after month! I wrote a blog post about why I chose the network marketing industry RIGHT HERE

Recruiting Affiliates – All of the big money makers in the internet marketing/affiliate marketing space leverage affiliates,this is where you create your own products and services and get affiliates to promote them for you. You can place your digital products on affiliate networks like JVZoo or Clickbank and affiliates will find them and promote them for you. All you have to do is create the product and pay your affiliates the commissions you promised them. This is a great way to make money online since there isn’t a lot of risk on your part. The affiliate takes most of the risk because they have to drive the traffic to your offer and aren’t guaranteed any income unless they make a sale.

By the way,you can go the traditional route and place your digital products on an affiliate network or you can simply find 1 or 2 big “super affiliates” willing to send out your offer to their list.

Most super affiliates have email lists over 100,000+ subscribers so if you have a proven offer that converts you can make some serious money really really fast!

Who doesn’t want to make money fast in an ethical and honest way!

Of course the trick is to find these super affiliates that are willing to do that,but it’s still possible if you network your butt off

Well there you go,2 great ways to generate leveraged income by using othe people’s money,time and effort.

If YOU have any great ways to generate leveraged income let me know in the comments section below

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Bye for now,

Tyronne Ratcliff







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