5 Key Elements Of Direct Response Marketing

by Tyronne

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direct response marketingI was listening to a MLSP wakeup call from a few months ago and one of the co-founders (Norbert Orlewicz) went over a few key elements of direct response, I said to myself why not write a blog post about it, I kept it short and sweet, enjoy!

Clear Call To Action – One of the most important rules of direct response marketing is having a clear call to action, so you should always keep this in mind when writing blog posts, shooting videos or creating any kind of content. Your call to action should get them to take a specific action like buying something (i.e. click on the buy button below) or maybe just opting in to a lead capture page (i.e. fill out the form with your name and email to get instant access!)

Get them to take immediate action –  What’s the best way to get someone to take immediate action? By letting them know that what you have to offer will benefit them. That’s why you want to focus on benefits over features. Since I’m an SEO guy I’ll use this title for an example:

SEOPressor Review – How SEOPressorCan Save Your Optimization Time Immensely

From the title above you can see that SEOPressor will save them time optimizing their content. Always focus on how your product/service will benefit the consumer, the features are important but not something you want to put emphasis on.

Clear Instructions – Give them very clear instructions, one thing I see is marketers using vernacular like “optin here” when wanting their visistors to sign up to their newsletter. Even though you’re an experienced internet marketer and are familiar with the term “optin” there’s a good chance that your visitor hasn’t. Try to use common words when you’re giving someone instructions to do something. Give them one thing to do and one thing only! If you ask them to do to many things you might confuse them.

Always Followup – Don’t drop the ball on this one, this is especially important when it comes to prospecting, you might have given them clear instructions by sending them to a company presentation, but without the proper followup you’ve wasted your time.

Tracking And Measurement – Do you know what’s working and what isn’t? This is one thing I wasn’t good at when I first started marketing. Even if you’re a traditional network marketer you should still be keeping track of your numbers, especially if you plan on marketing your business online. If you decide to setup a blog make sure you install google analytics. If you don’t know what Google Analytics is google it!

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