Your Dialogue with Money By Jeffery Combs

by Tyronne

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jeffery combs

Do you have a dialogue with money that attracts wealth,abundnace and happiness?

Or do you struggle with asking,receiving,and deserving money?

If you answered yes to the latter,then this audio on having the right money mindset will be just for you…

In this 60 minute audio,millionaire entrepreneur Jeffery Combs will teach you how to have a positive dialogue with money. Enjoy.

Episode Description:

1. 20,000 meals with your circle of influence
2. Your money situation is connected to your feelings and your words
3. Money is not hard, money is not a struggle; money is money
4. Money is energy – Do you have the energy to attract it?
5. Service, Value, Contribution and Collaboration
6. Success habits – What you do daily
7. You must be patient – The Law of Compound
8. Trading time for dollars
9. Value of an hour – How much is an hour of your time worth?
10. Marketing – Selling – Closing – Creating the Funnel
11. Asking – Receiving – Deserving – Changing your dialogue with money
12. Liability debt – Assets 13. Money In Motion – An expectation with money




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