5 Reasons Why You Need A MLM Blog

by Tyronne

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The reason why you  need your own MLM blog is to generate targeted traffic and build a list of customers who just buy your products but ultimately distributors. That being said, before you can do that you have to get the PEOPLE on your list to know, like, and trust you. From your readers perspective, they came to your blog to be educated, entertained and informed about topics related to our niche would be online network marketing, or maybe just network marketing in general. So focus on really engaging your visitors with unique, quality content and in doing that you have a better chance of getting them to take some sort of action, it might not be buying something from you, but just  maybe an optin (a lead). Avoid trying to promote the next biggest tool, info product or system without delivering any value. That’s an easy way to repel people which flies in the face of what attraction marketing is about.  Now that I got that out of the way I wanna go over a couple reasons why the modern network marketer should have a mlm blog.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a MLM Blog

1.Blogs are easy to set up and manage. This is the easiest way to get your message and brand out there to the masses. Once you start creating a lot content you’re on your way to branding yourself as someone who provides solutions to people’s problems. It’s also an asset that will increase in value over time.

2.You can get free traffic to your blog from the search engines. This is something that won’t happen over night. Once you start generating some significant traffic people will be able to find your blog by just searching for your name. The goal should be to have your site rank #1 on google when some one does a search for your first and last name, unless of course you have a name like Tom Cruise or something like that,lol. Another great thing is you can leverage facebook as well by putting a link back to your blog on your info page.

3.You can use your blog as a powerful hub to tie together your social media profiles you have on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. WordPress blogs are structured in a way that makes it easy for the google bots to traverse your site as well, especially if you are equipped with the right plugins and your have a premium theme you spent money on. Google loves WordPress blogs and anything they like I like as well. Being in good standing with Google is crucial, especially  if  you want to avoid being frustrated and put in the Google sandbox.

4.Blogs give you more credibility and help you build trust. A lot of the time a blog is better than a long form sales letter.There is a good chance that visitors coming to your site won’t have their guards up, like they would visiting a sales letter. That’s if you position yourself as some one who provides solutions and not some walking billboard.

5.A blog is interactive.The comments section of your blog is a great place to create relationships with your visitors. A blog is dynamic in nature and was designed to be that way. A great way to have ongoing relationships with your visitors is to comment on their blogs as well, if they happen to have a blog. This is a great way to build a community of bloggers that are like minded. It’s also important to regularly post content on your blog so you grow your blog steadily over time.


The whole idea is to give your readers a taste of what value you bring to the marketplace. Don’t hold back, give freely! You want your articles and blog posts to be so good that it has your readers coming back for more, you want to have loyal readers, that should be one of your main objectives! Once your readers are at the point where they want more, this is the time to share your link with them so they can optin with their name and email, at that point your building a list, and that is where the fun starts!

Before I go, the most important thing about  blogging is to be yourself and let your personality shine. It’s important that you write in a conversational tone, readers will connect with that type of writing more than with PLR for example. I got nothing against PLR, I’ve used PLR myself, but I have written almost 99% of my PLR articles in my own words.

The great thing is you can learn from other bloggers out there that are doing their thing and getting results, success leaves clues…








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