Why university sucks… (and PHDs are broke)

by Tyronne

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Tyronne Ratcliff here…

Maybe you’ve noticed recently how all the most
educated people seem to have the least amount
of money?

Meanwhile, it seems like a bunch of morons are
making a ton of money doing really stupid stuff…

And they have no idea how they’re doing it either…
they’re just creating a bunch of content, slapping
a mediocre offer on it, and somehow it’s

Well… let me tell you why…

It’s called “death by education” and it happens to
many bank accounts.

See people who go and get MBAs or PHDs or
Master’s degrees get really isolated from the real

They forget how to relate to “normal people” and so
they’ll say things like “synthetically manufactured
marketing in sub-optimal channels will produce
inferior results to a genuine synergy that results
from the right message, medium and market


All they really had to say was: “The right message,
to the right people, at the right time, will convert
way better than inauthentic stuff to the wrong

Much easier to understand, right?

The truth is… university teaches you how to talk
about stuff
so you can impress people whose job it
is to talk about stuff.

OF COURSE you have to use big words…

OF COURSE you’ll lose touch with the “average

OF COURSE you’ll struggle to get people to hand
over their hard-earned cash…

If you sound like you’re reading from a thesaurus
every time you open your mouth, then 99% of
people will have no clue what you’re talking about.

Or, even if they intellectually understand you, your
words will have zero emotional impact.

Which is why you shouldn’t try to learn how to make
money from someone who went to university, got an
MBA and climbed the ivory tower.

Nahh, instead, try learning from the people who are
in the trenches day in and day out… testing new
offers… making mistakes… having big wins…
making money…

In other words, learn from someone who gets paid
based on their results… not someone who gets paid
based on how fancy their words sound.

Doesn’t that just make sense?

If it makes sense for you, then you should really
give Funnel University a try.

Becuase it’s the ONLY university I know that
practically guarantees you will make more money
by joining it.

And Russell is one of the most genuine, hard-working,
intelligent and fascinating teachers you can possible
learn from.

Best part is, he is IN the trenches! Not in some ivory
tower looking over them…

He’s teaching stuff he knows from experience! Not
from a textbook…

And his stuff will probably work for you! Not like
most things you could try…

So, if you’re down to learn from someone with
experience and a track record of getting results for
his clients
then you are an absolute fool if you do
not join Funnel University right now.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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