Wake Up Call

by Tyronne

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Tyronne Ratcliff
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Wake Up Call

(author unknown)

We are what we repeatedly do…

And doing the same thing every day,
every year, and expecting a DIFFERENT
result is insanity!

Things change when we change…

And if you want to UPGRADE your image,
lifestyle and finances, then you have
to make some NEW moves!

You’ve probably been sleeping and
need a WAKE UP CALL. Can you handle
the truth? Cuz I’ve got answers…


Ok, picture this vividly in your mind…

You’re laying in a 6-foot deep, rectangle
shaped hole. Silent and undisturbed.

Looking up at a clear blue sky. You see your
friends and family walking by, one-by-one…

They throw in mementos of you.

Crying and saying their last goodbye’s.

This is your grave and now they begin shoveling
the dirt over you. It’s done! Your life is over!

How were you remembered?

What did you fail to accomplish?

What did you leave behind to your family?

What are your regrets?

What are your deeds?


( — take a moment to think —)


This is a wake up call!

Another year has blown by. Where are you?

In the same place you were (12) months ago?

Worse? … Where are you?

Still not the success you REALLY wanna be?

Still broke? — Chasing a “constant survival”?

Still playing catch up on past due bills?

Where are you? … Still looking for money?

Well guess what…

More money is a process.

And you don’t get to master a financial success
by being scared to make moves.

By “tip-toeing” through life, so that you can
arrive at your grave safely!

So many people spend the majority of their lives
in fear. Scared to make moves. Waiting for all the
perfect circumstances.

But because we don’t live in a perfect world…

Those perfect circumstances never show up.

So they spend ALL of their time, “getting ready to get ready”.

And then their lives pass them by.

They look in the mirror and suddenly they’re an old man or
an old woman. Youth and passion has escaped them.

Because the world is STILL moving. The clock is still ticking.

And the world is looking for successes. ———- PRODUCERS!

So what can you produce?

What are you preparing for your family’s future?

How many people are you helping?

How are you touching the world?

Are you just talking?

Are you STILL “getting ready” to do something?

Are you STILL planning?

When are you finally going to take some chances?

When are you going to stop trying to be perfect
and start being remarkable?


Seriously when? !!!

Because tomorrow is NOT promised to you.

Realize that.

The road to “some day” leads to a town called “no where”.

So step up! Be remarkable! Be remembered!

Stop drifting and live your life as if it were important!

Adopt a definite major purpose and get wealthy along the way!

Then use the money to help others. Build a charity.

Use the money to become more of who you REALLY are.

Open an art gallery…

I don’t know. DO SOMETHING! Be on purpose!

It all starts with a undying passion to accomplish a dream.

And that’s what this business right here is all about.

Building capital to fund your dreams.

Mastering your finances.

Becoming economically abundant, so that you can stop
chasing money and let it chase you!

So you can spend more time with your family.

Doing the things you REALLY wanna do.

Retiring early. Traveling. Seeing the world. Investing.

Insuring a future income for your loved ones.

Building a legacy!

Creating an environment where you are in a
financial position to do whatever your heart
pleases. To abolish poverty!

Join me…

There are still BILLIONS of dollars to go around.

Start by just putting a few extra thousand in your
pocket every month. Then every week.

I can help you win and I’ll personally show you how it’s done!

And if you weren’t paying attention before,
STOP whatever you’re doing and go check this out right now…





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