Valued Opinions – Don’t Join Until You Read This Review!

by Tyronne

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Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a fun way for members to get paid for submitting online surveys.

As the name suggests, the company values costumer opinions in subject matters varying greatly – from fashion, sports, and automotive to more urgent issues like the economic climate, global warming, and politics. By responding to surveys, members are paid for their opinions.

Is Valued Opinions Just Another One Of Those Online Scams?

Nope.The company responsible for Valued Opinions is a well respected research organisation called Research Now and their clients include companies both big and small. All of these companies wish to gather information relating to how their services and goods are doing in the market. These surveys are highly valuable to these companies because they can monitor feedback from consumers. Research Now is a proud member of the Council of American Surveys and Research Organisation and also the Better Business Bureau.

It’s relatively simply to join. Aside from being free, the registration takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete. A candidate can sign up by filling out a simple registration form asking for basic information such as an e-mail and password.

Its better to fill out as many private surveys as you can to increase the likelihood of getting acceptable ones.

After registration, opportunities to fill out more surveys get sent to the  member’s e-mail on a daily basis. Surveys are catered to the members private profile, and the surveys will be sent to the members who are the most qualified to fill them out. These emails will give them an idea of what the survey is about, how much the member will be paid for completing the survey, and an idea of how long it will take to complete it.

After completion, the member can check on how much they’ve made by visiting the companies official site and logging in. On average members make between $2 and $5 for each survey they complete. On occasion there are surveys that pay $50. Once the member has accumulated $20 in their account they can use the money they’ve earned for several things. These rewards maybe in the form of a voucher or gift card from, Marriott,or all of the other major retailers in both the United States and Europe. Many members decide to give their earnings to charity. Valued Opinions also works with a few of the well-known charities across the world so a member can decide to give to the WWF or Amnesty International. Although many people regard these charitable donations as scams, that just isn’t the case.

The biggest complaint by some members is that they do not receive enough surveys. Of course, this means they can’t earn a good income with Valued Opinions. This is just because those members are probably not qualified for most of the surveys offered.

Doing research can be a hassle for a lot of these research companies due to the fact that a lot of people don’t honestly or properly answer the surveys.

This occasionally leads to inaccurate information and other problems on the part of the researcher. So the information collected could be questionable.

Regardless of these problems, many of those who take part in Valued Opinions are very happy with how often they recieve their surveys.

If you’re qualified to take a large number of surveys, Valued Opinions will give you the ability to earn some extra income doing straightforward part-time work from home.


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