An Unbiased Talk Fusion Review – Is Talk Fusion The Next Big Thing In The MLM Industry?

by Tyronne

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talk fusion

Since you’re reading this review, chances are you are looking into Talk Fusion and thinking about becoming a distributor. So before you give your hard earned money to your sponsor, I encourage you to go through this entire review so you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision. Before you start reading I want to let you know that I’m not affiliated with Talk Fusion in any way so you can be sure you’re getting an unbiased review. So let’s get started!


Who Is Talk Fusion And What Do They Sell?

Talk Fusion is a relatively new video communications company in the network marketing industry that is dominating the market because of a smart decision to take advantage of the recent explosion in video communication. Their product line consists of the latest in video email and conferencing, live broadcasting, video autoresponders, video blogs and more.

Talk Fusion is headquartered in Brandon, Florida and was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, who has more than 2 decades of experience in the direct sales and network marketing industry. The company has been growing at a steady pace since its inception and they have now expanded to more than 85 countries and have become the 8th largest online video content provider in the world market. Meaning they have outperformed Yahoo,Viacom,AOL,MegaVideo and CBS.

It’s being predicted that by 2013, 85% of all content online will be video. Over the next 5 years 90% of the email market will be dominated by video emails. Talk Fusion’s state-of-the-art technology is perfectly positioned to help you capitalize on this trend.


Talk Fusion Products

Video email and video conferencing are some of their more popular product options. Video email can be created quickly and easily with no previous experience required. You can use your web cam or flip cam to shoot a video; or you can upload a pre-recorded video, the choice is yours. Talk Fusion provides you with templates that you can either customize or use as is to send high quality video emails to your contacts.

Their video conferencing feature allows you to not only talk to each other, but see each other too. In addition you can share slides, videos, or even speak to multiple people at the same time with screen sharing. The live broadcasting feature allows you to turn a regular meeting or conference into an event. You can record the broadcast and provide it to your guests 24/7  right to their computer screens. Their lead capture system allows you to add new subscribers to your email list, which will result in business relationships and ultimately sales.

Talk Fusion Compensation Plan

You’re probably wondering “what is the compensation plan?”  Well the Talk Fusion comp plan uses a binary structure. Meaning you have two sales organizations (two people on your frontline), one on your right and one on your left. The binary pay plan is very common in the industry and many of the fastest growing and largest companies have binary compensation plans. There are 6 different ways to get paid with Talk Fusion, including fast start bonuses, team overrides, bronze maker bonuses, mega matching bonuses, advancement bonuses and a leadership pool.

Talk Fusion is a great choice for someone who wants to take advantage of the exploding video market. But to market these products, the use of the internet is going to be crucial to your success.

My advice would be to leverage an effective online marketing system so you can generate leads for you business and never have to worry about finding people to talk to. If you can combine that with effective offline strategies,you’ll be well on your way to building a prosperous Talk Fusion business.

Need leads?

Success in your Talk Fusion business or any business for that matter, will require a working knowledge of personal branding and high volume lead generation. Additional online training to help you sponsor more Talk Fusion reps  is available with Tyronne Ratcliff.










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