Two Free Ways To Advertise Your Business And Attract

by Tyronne

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Article marketing and Forum Marketing are two great ways to promote your business for free. When starting an online business there will be things you will have to pay for either on a monthly or annual basis, that’s why it is important to find free ways to market your business online. I’ll briefly explain both of these free marketing strategies in the next few paragraphs.

Forum marketing works by getting involved with forums that are centered around the niche that you plan to market to. The important thing is to be consistent and really become apart of the community. Blatantly spamming the forum will get you kicked off rather quickily, it’s not a good way to brand yourself as a professional marketer anyways, so don’t do it. You’re there to uplift, motivate, inspire and EDUCATE others. One of the most important things about helping others on the forums is having a great signature box. By including a signature box other forum members are able to click on your signature and click through to your website.

A good example of a signature to put in your signature box would be something like this:

The internet is a goldmine. Are you making money on the net yet?

The great thing about this type of signature is you’ll be able to attract the type of people who may have not been exposed to this type of training before.

Just so you know, all forums work the same, and some are more difficult to get into than others. Be persistent if the forum is one you really want to be a part of, and if not, move on to other forums that will be more beneficial to your business and success.

The second free way to market your business online is article marketing. This is an easy strategy to implement especially if you don’t have to do all of the article writing yourself. There are some sites that you charge you a fee but most of them are free to join. You should at least get your article out to Here is an awesome webinar training on article marketing right here.



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