Steve Jaffe’s Ultimate Webinar Script

by Tyronne

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Here is a webinar script my friend Steve Jaffe shared with the MLSP community a few years back. He used this script to sell $300,000 worth of MLSP Mastery memberships and his own products!

Since My Lead System Pro launched Steve’s Webinar Sales Magic course in 2014, a ton of new MLSP marketers have closed sales & gotten signups on their first webinars.

Steve’s course RIGHT HERE covers this script in way more detail. And it covers other webinar marketing essentials (such as how to FILL your webinars, plus more) that he can’t fit into this blog post. Take this post as a quick, valuable summary, not the totality.

1. Hook & Promise: State a bold promise what they’ll learn on webinar
2. Increase Their Focus: Tell them to eliminate distractions/shut off phone
3. Compel To Stay: Offer a reward to stay until end
4. Introduce Yourself: Succinctly express your pertinent background
5. Promise A Breakthrough: Define the training you’ll deliver. Set expectations for a breakthrough
6. Tell Your Story: describe life before/after you implemented what you’ll teach
7. Remove Their Guilt: Reframe barriers holding them back as positives
8. Overview The Strategy: Deliver great training. Omit advanced shortcuts
9. Show The Math: Quantify revenue potential of the strategy. Some people want the numbers.
10. Take Away: Illustrate it’s a LOT of work to do strategy on their own
11. Reveal Your Solution (Your Offer): It systematizes/is a blueprint for/shortcut for the strategy
12. Demo Your Solution: Show how easy your solution works
13. Case Studies: Show testimonials from real people
14. “Here’s What You Get”: Present features and benefits
15. Build The Value: Show how offer is superior to competitors. Keep it classy
16. Reveal Price: You must believe in the value of your offer
17. Reveal Bonuses: Bonuses should be congruent with offer
18. Drop The Price: Always give reason why dropping price
19. Guarantee (Risk Reversal): Offer a guarantee or policy that removes risk.
20. Create Urgency: Put a time limit on when offer or bonuses available.
21. Scarcity: Limit # units sold before cart closes.
22. Cover Universal Buying Objections: Predict and address the 5 most common
23. Reveal Final Price And Full Offer: If dropping price again, do it here
24. Give Strong Call To Action: “Go to this website and order now”
25. Give A Warning And Final Reminder: Warn what they’ll miss if they don’t buy

I hope Steve’s magic webinar script helps you boost conversions with your webinars!

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