The Top WordPress Plugins You Shouldn’t Be Without

by Tyronne

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Third party plugins are an integral part of any WordPress blog. Whether your goal is to increase traffic to your blog or block spam comments, there is a good chance there’s a plugin you need in the massive library of plugins. With that being said, it could be a challenge to find the right plugin you need amongst the sea of plugins to choose from. Here are a few of the top plugins I use on my blog that you shouldn’t be without.

1.Tweet Old Post – This is a great plugin I’ve been using to get referral traffic from twitter. What it does is randomly pull old posts from my blog and tweet them to my twitter followers. You can have it set to post to twitter every 4 hours or 8 hours. Great way to automate your tweets.

2. SEOPressor – SEOPressor is still one of my favorite on-page SEO checkers. What it does is give the user a score out of 100 when they insert their keyword into the software. The higher the score the better your blog post is optimized for your chosen keyword. With SEOPressor Version 5 you don’t have to worry about over optimizing your content. They have what they call a “over-optimization check” which will tell the user if they’™re optimized or over-optimized.

3. SEO Search Terms Tagging – This plugin helps strengthen your on-page seo by displaying below your posts the search terms your visitors typed into the search engines to get to that particular page. The search terms (keywords) can automatically be changed to post tag as well.

4.All In One SEO Pack – This is a great SEO plugin that optimizes your wordpress site for the search engines. (title tag,meta description,etc). This one is more for beginners but if you want one that’s a little more robust I would go with WordPress SEO Plugin.

5. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – One really important metric when it comes to SEO is your site’s load time. This plugin lets you know how much of an impact your plugins are having on your site’s load time. Often times WordPress sites load slowly because of poorly configured plugins or because you have so many of those damn things,lol. With the P3 plugin you can figure out which plugins have the most effect on how your site loads.

6. SEO Smart Links – This plugin gives you the ability to link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

7. SEO Friendly Images – This SEO plugin helps optimize your images (ALT and TITLE tags). Optimizing your images for keywords and related keywords is always a good idea. Plus your images can show up in Google Image Search when people are looking for images online.

8. BackupCreator – This is a badass plugin created by my good friend Robert Plank. What good is a site with a shit load of content if it isn’t backed up! Don’t throw all of your hard work down the drain. I use this plugin all the time and it’ll only set you back a measly $7!

9. Broken Link Checker – One thing that can hurt your on-page SEO is broken links. This plugin will scan your site for broken links so you can delete them accordingly.

10.W3 Total Cache – If there’s one plugin I recommend you get it’s this one. What it does is improve the user experience on your blog by improving how well your server performs. Good server performance is crucial if you plan on making a career out of blogging.

11.Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin– No better way to defeat comment spam than with this plugin. What it does is leave a checkbox to your comment form asking users to confirm that they’re not a spammer. The other benefit is your visitor doesn’t have to fill out one of these nasty captcha forms to get their comment through.

12. Subscribe To Comments – This is another great comment plugin for commenters who like to follow conversations. When a person visits your blog and posts a comment they can click a little button that says “Subscribe To Comments”, what this does is subscribe them to any other comments that are posted on the post they just commented on. Meaning, whenever another comment is posted after theirs they’ll get notified by email about it.

13.Comment Luv – Comment Luv is one of the more popular plugins for bloggers who like to get comments on their blog (which I’m hoping you do). This plugin has a lot of great features and most of all it’s absolutely free! It basically allows commenters to leave a link to the last blog post they published. All the commenter has to do is select the comment luv box located directly below the WP comment “submit” button. What this will do is bring up a list of their most recent blog posts. This is a great plugin to attract commenters.

14. Limit Login Attempts – This nifty little plugin limits the number of times a person can login to your site. By default WordPress allows unlimited login attempts through your login page. With this plugin you have control over how many times someone can login to your site before their blocked. This plugin makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to brute-force your password.

15.Thank Me Later – This is a great plugin to let your commenters know you’re appreciation. After someone leaves a comment on your blog this plugin will automatically send them a message. You can send them a message simply thanking them for contributing to your post (leaving a comment) or even use it to listbuild. It’s up to you!

Well there you go. A few of my favorite WordPress plugins. Let me know in the comments section below some of yours!


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To Your Continued Success,

Tyronne Ratcliff





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