The Secrets Of Attraction Marketing Online

by Tyronne

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attraction marketing online
If you have been on the internet for some time you’ve probably heard of the term “attraction marketing online but don’t understand what the term means or have tried to apply it in your business with no real results. Well in this article I want to go into detail on how you can apply this concept to your business.

When you apply attraction marketing to any type of marketing you do, you will have people actually calling you wanting more information about what you have to offer. Which is usually the other way around in most cases. What do you think that would do for your business?

The Idea Behind Attraction Marketing Online

The idea behind attraction marketing is to lead with value rather than leading with your business opportunity, positioning yourself as a leader and showing people a step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve success in network marketing. People join people not business opportunities.

Naturally humans seek out leadership until they gain enough experience to become leaders themselves. We all know that you have to be a good follower before being a good leader, its just the way it is. In the early years people looked toward the alpha male to provide them with food, shelter and safety. These survival instincts are still in humans today and can be applied to your business as well. Just imagine having a following of people looking to you for guidance on how to create success in their business, what an awesome position to be in don’t you think?

I’m pretty sure when you were looking to join a company you were looking for somebody who already had some success. You know some one who was going to train and guide you to the promised land. Well that is the person you want to become, but you don’t want to market your opportunity you want to market yourself and your brand

A Common Myth About Attraction Marketing

One of the common myths about attraction marketing is people think they need to be a complete expert at everything related to this industry and that they need a past history of massive success. That just isn’t the case and let me tell you why.

If you’ve ever generated leads online I can guarantee you tons of people have not experienced that, especially if your lead flow is like 25-50 leads a day. I would venture to say a lot of people haven’t recruited their first person into their primary business as well.

So where am I going with this?

It’s simple, as soon as you have achieved any results in your business you have now positioned yourself as a leader to the people who haven’t gotten those types of results. People rather watch a leader than listen to one every day of the week, so as a leader you need to lead by example. To be a great leader you need to develop your skill sets, take consistent action and whatever is working for you is what you need to teach others.

The Attraction Marketing Business Model

So I far I’ve explained to you the whole idea of attraction marketing and how its basically about branding and that what ever results you are achieving now postion you as an up and coming leader in the industry. But now I need to layout a blueprint for applying this concept of attraction marketing in your business.


Marketing is the name of the game, there is just no way around it. When doing your marketing you need to lead with value. You can do this many different ways. Maybe its teaching them how to generate leads, creating capture pages or maybe creating sales funnels, the idea is that you need to provide value and lots of it.

Lead Capture Page

What you need is a lead capture page that has a video of you or at lease a picture. This will get your prospect familiar with who you are and what you have to offer. Where a lot of people go wrong is they use the companies default
capture page that brands the company and not them.

Email Auto-responder

Once you get their contact information, this is where you start the relationship process by using an autoresponder to drip emails on them over time. These email messages should contain links to your personal blog,training videos, and tools and resources to help them in their business. You should be sharing with your prospects things that are of value, this will brand you in the right way.

Is Attraction Marketing For You?

Anybody who has had success in this industry has applied the principles of attraction marketing in their business, people join people not business opportunities, if you want take your business to next level attraction marketing is absolutely crucial.

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