How To Create The Perfect Email Autoresponder Sequence To Sell Your Products and Services Online

by Tyronne

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Whether you’re promoting your own products or you’re just an affiliate, you need an effective followup strategy (autoresponder sequence) to sell  products and services online. Below is a quick tutorial on how to set up the perfect autoresponder sequence that will sell.

Email #1 – The first email of your followup sequence should be a quick introduction. Basicially let your subscribers know what they can expect from you in subsequent emails. Another thing you can do is ask your subscribers to whitelist your email address. This will ensure that your emails hit their inbox and not their spam folder. You can also ask them to reply to your email with the #1 question they have about internet marketing (traffic generation,conversions,etc) or whatever niche you might be in (weight loss,dating,forex,etc). Creating two way communication between you and your subscribers is important and is something the ISP’s like to see (your subscribers are engaging with your emails).

Email #2 – Your second email is where you tell them your backstory. Sprinkle in a few personal things about yourself but mainly keep it business. Make sure that your backstory is relevant to the niche that you’re in. Keep it simple and to the point. For example,I use to struggle with getting traffic to my sites, I literally couldn’t buy a visitor, until one day I saw an ad that really caught my eye, it said how I could get a swarm of traffic instantly for pennies on the dollar. Now everyone comes to me get traffic,etc… You get the point.

Email #3 – In your third email you should create a common enemy. This common enemy can be a person,thing, or problem (chasing shiny objects,lack of focus,information overload,etc). Let your subscribers know what you stand for and what you stand against. This will create a bond because people that will agree with you will get behind you and your cause.

Emails 4,5,and 6 – The content in these emails should be more strategic. Center emails 4,5, and 6 around your product. This is also a good time to demonstrate to the reader your expertise. Keep them thinking about your product in the 3 emails you send. At the end of each of these emails give them your “soft pitch” at the end.

Email 7 – This is where the free ride should end. Now it’s time to sell! Be truthful in this email. Let them know that you’re in this business to make money (you have mouths to feed,have a family,etc). They’ll understand because you’ve already given them so much value in the first 6 emails. If they don’t understand then you really don’t want them on your list. This is the email where you can sell them on the benefits of your product. Don’t sell them on the features, they could care less. Create a bullet list of the major benefits of your product. How will it save them time and money? Then simply link to your sales page (this email is the presell).

Email #8 – The eigth email in your autoresponder sequence should be testimonials. Obviously you believe your product is great, you sold them on the benefits in email #7. You now want to show social proof in the form of testimonials. Simply tell your subscribers not take your word for it and tell them how X person got Y result with your product.

Email #11 – Don’t send emails on Day 9 and Day 10. On Day 11 (email #11) introduce them to other products you have to sell. You’ve provided tons of value in your prior emails,you’ve done your job. If they haven’t decided to buy yet that’s okay. From this point forward you can send them various other offers.

Do you have an autoresponder sequence that sells your products and services online?

Email expert Ben Settle says it takes around 28 days to make a sale to a cold lead. I highly suggest you get better at selling by email. Because all of the leads in the world won’t mean a hill of beans without an effective email followup strategy.  Two email marketers I highly suggest you follow are Ben Settle and Andre Chaperon.

Have any email tips and strategies I haven’t covered in this post? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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