The job from hell that saved my business

by Tyronne

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The year was 2013.

I was working a crap job in a small little town
in East Texas as a lowly Walmart cart pusher…

Anyway,I hated that job.

The pay sucked

And,I didn’t care too much about the employees
I was working with

But,here’s the thing:

Even though I’d rather get my nails pulled out than
work another day there…it was also one of the
most profitable business educations I ever done


Because I had my trusty Ipod Touch.

And each day during work I’d listen to the Robert
Kiyosaki Rich Dad radio show podcast

If you don’t know Robert Kiyosaki published the famous
book Rich Dad,Poor Dad…

And the one thing I always remembered was when
he talked about the importance of building pipelines
instead of carrying buckets in business building.
Here’s how he explained it:

Imagine yourself being on an island village.

And,you’re hired to bring water from the river.

Most people would go out to the river,fill as many buckets
as they can carry each day,and bring them back.

Not so the wise man. Instead of heroically carrying buckets
(breaking his back and wearing himself out) back
and forth all day…he builds a pipeline to bring the water
to the village — completely freeing up his time,energy,
and resources so he can play,build more income streams,
whatever he wants.

Yes,pipelines take longer to work than toting buckets.

They also take thinking.

And strategy and patience.

Plus you may not see immediate gratification.

But over time,you build a business that takes a life of its
own — and keeps working hard for you even if you go
on vacation or go to play golf or whatever it is you

It’s a freakin brilliant concept.

One well worth thinking about.

And guess what?

You can have the same kind of business for yourself

But don’t expect instant gratification

And you will have to roll up your sleeves and put in
the work

But if you’re coachable and willing to go
through the ups and downs which are a reality
in any kind of business undertaking,you can definitely
generate that “walk away income” people are always
talking about

But it all starts with a decision

Click here now and decide you want to commit
to making this happen for you and your family

I think you’ll be glad you did

Talk to you later

Tyronne Ratcliff



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