The 5 Main Factors That Determine A Great Network Marketing Company

by Tyronne

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A lot of people ask me what determines a great network marketing company. There are actually a few factors that I’ve discovered after being in the industry for close to 5 years. In this blog post I’ll go over a few things that will determine if the company you join is going to be around for the long haul,enjoy.

1.Leadership – You need to join the company that already has rock solid business leaders at the helm. You’re company can have a lot going for them but without that right leadership your company is basically a sinking ship. For some reason this seems to be more of the case with internet-based companies but there are a few network marketing companies that lack leadership, and worst than that people that flat have no integrity at all.


2.Rock Solid Product –  Does your company have a product that stands alone in the marketplace? And more importantly would you join the business if there wasn’t an opportunity to make money? A lot of your bigger network marketing companies that have been around for decades have a large number of people who are just passionate about the product, or what I like to call happy product customers. If your product has to compete with the local nutrition store or say a place like GNC you might be fighting an uphill battle.

3.New Innovative Compensation Plan –  Not as important as the first two I mentioned but important nonetheless. You need a unique way to pay your distributors and you need a comp plan where people can actually make good money. I’m a big fan of unilevel compensation plans but I may be a bit biased.


4.Solid Financial BackingCompanies go out of business for various reasons, a lot of companies don’t have the financial backing for growth, a lot of people leave because of this.

5.Training and Support – Does your company have the proper  training and support? When I say support I mean upline support. Make sure the person you sign up with is knowledgeable, professional, accessible and committed to helping you build your business. One more thing about training, make sure the company you join is open to different ways to market the business. Even though a lot of the traditional ways of growing a business still work (3-foot rule,PBRs,buying leads) I probably wouldn’t join a business that has a problem with marketing your business online. If you happen to market online make sure you’re not violating your company’s policiies and procedures.

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After everything is all said and done if you don’t have a way to generate leads for your business all of these factors won’t mean a thing. The 5 factors I just mentioned are definitely important factors to your success but they aren’t the only determining factors, what will truly get you to where you want to go in your business is learning the art and science of mlm lead generation. So if you want to recruit new reps on auto-pilot and create upfront cashflow in the process click on the link below.

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Tyronne Ratcliff



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