The 4 Facebook Mistakes Home Business Owners Make And How To Avoid It

by Tyronne

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Facebook is an awesome place to connect with friends and family. So if it’s used specifically for that purpose you really can’t  make mistakes on Facebook. On the other hand,if your a home business owner and your promoting your products,services, and business opportunity there are a few mistakes you might be making that are leading to the detriment of your business.In this post I’ll go over a few mistakes you may be making on Facebook and how to avoid it.

Here Are 4 Facebook Mistakes You Might Be Making So Stopping Making Them!

1.Self Promotion – The way we get paid is by providing solutions to people’s problems. The biggest mistake I see people making on facebook is self promotion. Keep other people in mind and lead with value, do this and the sales will follow.

2.Not optimizing your ads – If you’re running ads on facebook (Facebook PPC) understand that your ads can always be improved. Optimize your ads and always look for areas of improvement. Test,test,test! Once you find an ad that works for you keeping running it.

3. Lack of consistency – Facebook requires you to be consistent. If you’re marketing a facebook fan page make sure you’re posting to it on a daily basis. Get your fans to start talking by posting compelling content. Give people a reason to come back to your page. The way to show up in people’s news feeds is by consistently posting content.

4. Not creating engaging content – If you’re not creating engaging content that people find valuable Facebook won’t work for you. Creating content that people engage with is what will drive your Facebook Fan Page.

Well there you go. 4 facebook mistakes you might be making as a home business owner. Now you know what not to do on facebook. Are there any other mistakes you see home business owners making on facebook? Let me know in the comments section below.

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