SEO Tips

by Tyronne

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SEO Tips

In this article I’ll go over a few SEO tips that will help with your “on-page” SEO, on-page search engine optimization is basically the thing you have control over, like your keyword density,how much content you put on your site,how well you optimize your images,time on site and things like that.

One of the most important pages to have optimized for keywords you’re targeting is your blog’s homepage. The TITLE TAG describes the title of your blog and gives Google an idea about what your site is about and what it’s theme is. Try to sprinkle in some of the main keywords you want to go after long term. These keywords might not be keywords you want to go after when writing individual blog posts, but one’s that you may be able to rank for in the future for your main home page, it could take years to rank for keywords like network marketing, mlm,etc. But they should be in your TITLE TAG since we do happen to be network marketers.

Being able to rank for the main keywords mlm and network marketing will mean money in the bank for you, but since you are competing with lead companies that make millions of dollars a year, you won’t be able to rank for those keywords right away, especially if you have a domain that you just bought, you just don’t have enough trust in the eyes of google, what if you’re promoting porn or pills or maybe male enhancement? They just don’t know.

Another good place to have your keywords are in your meta description, if you don’t know your meta description is, it’s the snippet of text you would see if you pulled up your site in Google or any of the other search engines. Your meta description is like a pay per click ad, your goal is to get the click and get the person doing the search to click on your site and not the other sites that are competing with you in the search engines. Here is what a meta description would look like so you can see this visually:

This is what SEMOZ’S META DESCRIPTION looks like when pulled up in the search engine Google.

seomoz meta description example

Here are a few other search engine optimization tips below:

-Make sure your images are squeezed and compressed to so they load faster but still look good.

-Use heading tags (H1 and H2) to put emphasis on your keywords and the main idea of your article

-Make sure your images have descriptive ALT tag text.Consider using ‘image’ or ‘picture’ in the ALT tag to increase the image search results.

-Make sure the keyword is in the image filename

-Internal links are important, and help users and search engines read and navigate your website. Use keywords as your anchor text to strengthen pages for that keyword, go deep with your links as well. Do this and your visitors will stay on your site longer.

– Make sure you don’t have any broken links on your site since this will generate user errors. Click here for the plugin that I use to check for broken links.

-Server location will effect your rankings as well. Don’t host your site in France if your target audience is in Australia. Get a hosting provider in Australia. This is the webhost I use for my site right here.

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