SEO Tips: My Thoughts About SEO In 2014 And Beyond

by Tyronne

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Want my thoughts on SEO going into the future? In this quick video (sorry about the quality,lol) I’ll share with you a few of my thoughts about the future of SEO,Google, and what you should focus on as a marketer if you rank sites for a living.

Here are 3 important SEO tips i’ll leave you with:

-Create engaging content that solves people’s problems. This is probably one of the best seo tips I can give you. If you’re an SEO I’m guessing your’re doing this to make money. People will give you their hard earned money if your content solves their problems. Great places to get content ideas are Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. I love these sites because people always post interesting questions related to any niche you can possibly think of.

– Don’t strategically place your keywords in exactly the same spots. If you have a few hundred blog posts that are optimized exactly the same,this could make it harder to rank the pages on your site. If you have your keyword in all three of your tags (H1,H2,and H3) spread out over a few hundred blog posts,this isn’t good on-site optimization. I know, what I just said flys in the face of what you’ve been taught over the years. Go through blog posts you’ve done in the past and look for keywords that might have been forced into your content,then simply remove them. Did that keyword really need to be in your H3 tag? If not get rid of it! Anothing thing, you don’t need a keyword density that’s 5%. One to two percent is enough. Here is an on-page SEO plugin to help you optimize your content properly.

-Don’t over optimize your anchor text. If you have thousands of links from blogs and article directories with the same anchor text,you’re leaving a footprint for Google and the other major search engines. Check out a few of my anchor text guidelines below:

10% exact match keywords.
30% relevant keywords.
30% synonyms/niche relevant BROAD keywords.
30% miscellaneous keywords/Naked URL/Brand Name

Here’s an example. Let’s say our keyword is ‘dog training’ and we’re going to build 100 backlinks. What I’d do is create a list of 20 keywords.

Exact match 10%:

dog training
dog training

Relevant keywords 30%:

dog training guide
best dog training
dog training site
dog training information
how to train a dog
best way to train dogs.

Synonyms/niche relevant BROAD keywords 30%:

animal training
pet training
training dogs
training a pet
how to train an animal

Misc/Naked URL/Brand Name keywords 30%:

click here
Best dog training
Best dog training

Well there you go. Have any seo tips you’d like to add? Let me and my readers know in the comments section below!

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