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by Tyronne

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seo secrets

seo secrets


Hey thanks for stopping by, today I’m going to reveal some of the SEO secrets to getting your site to rank well on the major search engines.  Anybody that tells you SEO is hard is lying to you, once you make a decision that you want to learn SEO and this is something you actually like doing you can master it. Ok, lets get started.

Try to always use images in your posts and optimize them for the keywords you want to rank for. So if you want to rank for the keyword ‘seo secrets‘ you would need to put that in your image’s ALT tag. The reason why you want your keyword there is because it makes it easier for google to make out what the image is about. As you can see from the image up above I also put the keyword ‘seo secrets‘  in the caption. If the image didn’t load it would be replaced by the term ‘seo secrets’ instead.

You also should try to put your keywords in your header tags (H1 and H2). Now this can get kind of tricky and you have to be careful because google has been penalizing sites for “over optimizing” their content. The reason we have headers is to break up text, it just makes it easier for people to read your stuff and it’s easier on the eyes as well. Lately I’ve skipped putting my keywords in the H3 tag, it’s really not necessary.

One Of My Favorite SEO Secrets – Internal Linking

When you do internal linking on your site make sure to keyword optimize the link. So if you were going to link to a Magnetic Sponsoring Review you wrote on your blog you would use the keyword ‘Magnetic Sponsoring Review‘ as the anchor text. Make sure to nofollow that backlink as well.

Another thing you want to focus on is your keyword density, I like to have my keyword density around 1-2%. Don’t get carried away with your keywords and try to force them into places where they don’t fit, you want to sound as natural as possible. Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past don’t waste your time doing it.

I know this post was kind of short so what I’ll do is grant you FREE access to a video that will reveal to you a proven SEO system that will force Google to give you first page rankings fast, click on the link below for more information!

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