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by Tyronne

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I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this awesome course called SEO Networker 3.0, maybe you’re still on the fence and want to read a couple of unbiased reviews,lol, before you pull out your wallet. Well in this blog post I’ll go over a couple things you need to know about SEO and what to expect if you decide to buy SEO Networker 3.0.

As you know, there are a lot of people that will whip up a review for this course with the sole intent on making a buck, stay away from these people like the plague, they could care less about your success in SEO so be cautious.
To tell you the truth, in this post I’ll actually go over a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t buy this course, and of course i’ll give you some good reasons why this may be the course for you.

If you happen to be new to SEO, i’ll break it down to you as simple as possible. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the art and science of getting your content to rank on the top of the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Reasons To Buy SEO Networker 3.0

1. The traffic is FREE – Who doesn’t like free traffic? Or free anything for that matter. With SEO you learn about how to get free traffic. But not just free traffic, traffic of the highest quality. Your best prospects and customers are the ones that are looking for answers to their problems. They already have a “buyers” mentality and will do whatever it takes to get their problems solved. It starts with them “searching” for a solution and then spending money to acquire it. Unlike paid advertising like ppc,ppv or solo ads, this source of traffic is free and it’s the best traffic to get.

2. Learning from the best – Why not learn from the best when learning a new skill or trade. Creators of SEO Networker 3.0, Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos are experts at search engine optimization. Not only that they have a good knowledge of direct sales,network marketing and the home-base business industry. In one way or another, people who’ve made a lot of money with SEO have learned from these guys.

3. Make a living with SEO – Once you learn the skill of SEO you can actually take this skill offline and actually charge local businesses for your services. Just imagine having one of your own sites ranking on the first page of google and being able show people your expertise with living proof. People will learn to respect and trust you and do business with you! You can make lots of money online with this skill and help other people make money online with this skill as well. The whole idea is to buy a course on SEO, learn and implement, get results (traffic,leads,sales) and then charge others. A lot of people don’t have the willingness to learn SEO or just don’t have the time, why not become their consultant and have them pay you money to get the job done, the possibilities are endless!

Why shouldn’t you buy SEO Networker 3.0?

Not Enough Patience – If you have no patience this is not the course for you. The problem with a lot of people is a lack of patience, which is absolutely crucial when it comes to search engine optimization. You’re not going to be an overnite success with SEO, there is a learning curve. You could be consistent for 90 days on not see any significant results, but don’t quit, because you may be closer than you think. On the other hand, with paid advertising like Pay-Per-Click, you could get traffic and leads tomorrow, my advice would be to go with paid traffic it you have money to spend and you want results now. The fact is you’re going to make mistakes and it’s just something you need to embrace, with a little patience and perseverance you’ll be well on your way to generating traffic with this course.

Not playing to win – If you have the mindset of giving up when facing obstacles, I suggest you keep your money in your pocket and not purchase SEO Networker 3.0. I’m pretty sure the creators of this course wouldn’t mind you buying it regardless, but don’t do it. You have to put into action what they train on in this course and have the mentality of failure not being an option, make a decision! Go big or go home!

Not Taking Massive Action – SEO Network 3.0 isn’t the type of course you’ll go through once in one sitting and be done with. You don’t want to fall into the trap of getting into learning mode without actually getting out there and taking action on what you learned. To tell you the truth,you should be taking massive action on what you learn with SEO Networker 3.0, that’s if you want massive traffic, leads, and eventually sales!

SEO Networker 3.0 – Seven Things To Focus On If You Buy This Course

  •  Remain focused on SEO Networker 3.0 and don’t scour the internet looking to buy other courses.
  •  Only use SEO as your main source of traffic for at least 3 months or when you master it, take it on like a 90-day challenge or even more if you have to.
  •  Don’t focus on other traffic methods and strategies that other marketers are promoting.
  •  Go through SEO Networker 3.0 many times over, or until you have a really good knowledge of the what they teach in the course.
  •  Be consistent.
  •  Put what you learn into action, refine your SEO skills!
  •  Don’t quit! No matter how long it takes. Like I said there is a learning curve, but mastering this skill is well worth it!

Here are 4 FREE videos from SEO Networker 3.0 that will teach you how to get leads now, even if you don’t decide to buy the course!




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