My Results With Udimi Solo Ads

by Tyronne

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When it comes to business I’m all about transparency so I thought I would share with you my results with buying traffic from Udimi.

I’ll also share with you how much money I’ve made promoting their affiliate program and why you should also promote Udimi as an affiliate!

If you don’t know,Udimi is an awesome place to find hundreds of solo ad vendors in one place. Udimi also has a quality control system in place so you know you’re not getting bogus clicks,more on that later

Let’s get down to the numbers…

I’ve been buying solo ads from Udimi since May of 2016 which is about 1 month shy of a year.

Here is how the numbers stack up:

Solo Ad Spend – $572
Leads Generated – 490
Cost Per Lead (CPL) – $1.17
Number of Clicks Bought – 1300
Number of Clicks Received – 1545
Highest Optin Rate – 70.67%
Lowest Optin Rate – 16.67%

I’m really just testing the waters right now.

The one thing I’ve learned buying solo ads this past year is that across the board most solo ad traffic is the same.

The real secret is how you followup with your leads and what kind of conversion process you have in place

So back to the numbers…

The one metric I like to focus on is cost-per-lead. Most people say that each person on your list is worth about $1 a month in revenue.

So the fact that I’m spending $1 per lead means I’m pretty much breaking even. $1 in revenue per subscriber is the industry average but that’s pretty low in my opinion

I know some internet marketers that earn $5 to $6 in revenue per lead! Optimizing your followup process is key.

Ok,let me talk about Udimi’s affiliate program for a second.

Here are my affiliate statistics so far:

Total Income Earned – $95.42
Number of Referrals – 13
Prime Referrals – 0
Largest Traffic Order from a referral – $544

Nothing to write home about but I do plan on generating a nice monthly income promoting Udimi as an affiliate. One of my referrals bought over $544 in solos and I earned $81.62

You earn 15% on all solo orders from your referrals,plus all your referrals get a $5 discount after registration.

Let’s look at a sample calculation:

50 users X 5 solos X $100 avg. solo X 15% commission = $3 750 per month!

I look at it like this,if you make enough money promoting Udimi as an affiliate to cover your ad spend those are FREE clicks for you!

That’s all I got for you today.

Get started with Udimi by clicking here NOW!

-Tyronne Ratcliff

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