The Power Of Residual Income

by Tyronne

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residual income

One amazing idea I was introduced to when I joined my first network marketing company back in 2008 was this whole idea of residual income…also referred to as passive income. Residual income is money you get month after month from work you did once in the past.

The utility company that sends you a bill in the mail every month understands the power of making residual income all too well…isn’t it about time YOU started to generate some residual income? You know,residual income that far outpaces the residual bills you get every month? If this kind of income interests you,make sure you read the rest of this article.

The Dangers Of Linear Income

It’s not your fault you haven’t been educated on the concept of residual income. You see,your average American only understands the linear income model.  Linear income is income you generate when you trade your time for money. Roughly 97% of Amerian households generate linear income from a job. Think about it like this…if you didn’t show up for work one day  (not due to a vacation or sick day) would you get paid? If you were let go from your job would you get compensated month after month from those 15 years you put in at your company? Most people would probably say no to both of those questions. Before I share with you my favorite way to generate passive income,let me share with you a few examples or residual income you’re probably familiar with.

Examples of residual income:

passive income

-Any kind of investment vehicle that earns interest year after year
-Royalties from intellectual property,such as books & patents
-Subscription payments from a membership site you run
-Rental income from a home, apartment, or commercial space
-Income generated from retirement,alimony,disability,etc…

So Tyronne,what’s your favorite way to generate residual income?

In my opinion,the easiest way for the average person to generate residual income is with the network marketing.

With network marketing you can generate residual income by leveraging other people and getting them to sell your products and services for you,by the way,these products must continue to generate repeat sales for the residual income to pay you month after month. If you want to learn more about the network marketing business model check out this post RIGHT HERE…if you want more information about the network marketing company I’m currently in check out this link RIGHT HERE…bye for now!









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