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daegan smith
The best part about not having to work
is setting your own schedule and waking
up whenever you want.

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REAL Recruiting “Magic” …

A few days ago I was sharing a few of my
favorite ways to use funded proposals to
recruit people in a private and
exclusive group and …

Without a doubt, there were more than a
few misconceptions about how to use
funded proposals to recruit effectively.

It was almost as if those in the group
thought there was a “magic” way to
recruit more people, and the truth is,
there is, but …

It’s not where most people think it is.

If you’d like to add a little magic to
your recruiting efforts where it counts
pay close attention.

First off … what is a “funded
proposal” anyway?

Most people think it’s creating a
product to sell. If that’s what you
think you’d be partially right.

Although, creating your own information
product IS a type of funded proposal, my
own personal definition is far wider.

In my opinion …

Adding a funded proposal aspect to your
business is anything you do to make
money now.

It’s as simple as that.

Selling products falls under this
definition, BUT …

What about list building, realizing
revenue via affiliate programs, Adsense,

These are TYPES of funded proposals that
most people miss out on and the reality
is …

It’s far easier to make money from the
outset using multiple methods than it is
to spend your time trying to create that
ONE perfect product.

The advantage of having your own “funded
proposal” in your business is simply
that you make money now.

There in lies the “magic”.

The more you make now the more leads you
get tomorrow and …

The higher the probability you recruit
more people with less resistance and
with more ease.


Aggressively make money now and you win
now and tomorrow.

Pretty simple right?

Now that we’ve got that taken care of

Where most people in the group had
distorted misconceptions about “funded
proposals” was in how to use them to
grow their backend business

It was as if they believed there was a
special “magic” trick.

There isn’t.

The “magic” isn’t in tricks, instead
it’s found here …

I remember way back whenI first started
pondering push button recruiting …

I bought a product called “Network
Marketing In The Internet Age” by a guy
named Frank Garon.

It was a 6 cassette course that I paid
$197. (That’s right cassettes)

As soon as that thing hit my doorstep I
wore that sucker out.

I had to have listened to it 40 times or

It was a truly mind expanding experience
for me at the time.

About 6 weeks after I purchased and
listening through that sucker 40 times I
mustered the courage to call the creator
of the course, and …

I’m sure you can guess why.

It was to get involved in any
opportunity he was in.

I found his number.

I called it.

He answered.

I was floored that I was actually
talking to the guy I had just listened
to for the last six weeks.

My first question?

“How can I join your business?”

I was in, and there in lies more magic
of info product funded proposals.

You’re not an expert before you create
an info product as a funded proposal,
you become an expert BECAUSE you create

Once there, there are several ways to
use that customer/trainer relationship
to recruit more, and all are simple.

For example …

One thing I used to do was I would
simply have a tagline at the end of my

(just like this one you’re reading)

That said …

“This is the opportunity that changed my

From there, I would provide the link to
my opportunity.

I didn’t even think about it.

Because my prospect saw my product which
edified the recommendation and saw my
opportunity they were more than curious
about it.

I recruit many a person that way.

Another simple way you can recruit from
a funded proposal is to simply use the
last few pages of your info product to
let your prospects know more about your
opportunity in a none pushy “for your
information if you’re curious” fashion.

It works like a charm.

Yet another way to use your funded
proposal to recruit is to simply
recommend your opportunity on your thank
you page after purchase.

Here’s the MOST Important Point:

Aggressively profiting NOW positions you
to generate more leads faster than the
next guy.

You’ve got an advantage.

You’ve got your own captive audience.

It is there the magic lies.

Not some hypnotic phrase or trick only
the gurus know.

Now that you’ve got recruiting down,
duplication is next.

Here’s where you’ll find the steps to
how spark massive duplication:

To the top,


P.S. The best part about not having to
work is setting your own schedule and
waking up whenever you want.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the
alarm clock for good what are you
waiting for? Join us. Click Below:

daegan smith




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