Pure Leverage Review

by Tyronne

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Hey guys.Tyronne here,and in the next few minutes I’m going to give you an honest, unbiased opinion of the company Pure Leverage. I’ll also give you a brief overview of the company,it’s founders,and what they market. But more importantly I’ll let you know the key to success when it comes to promoting any marketing system/business opportunity. Let’s get started.

Who Is Pure Leverage and what do they market?

Pure Leverage is a marketing system founded by two guys with 24 years of combined experience in the home business industry,Joel Therien and Mike Vodman. Joel Therien is also founder of the popular internet marketing company GVO and has made millions of dollars selling products and services online. Their office is located in Schertz,Texas. They market various internet marketing tools with their autoresponder being their bread and butter. Here is what you get when you become a member/reseller of Pure Leverage:

Elite Coaching Program – Their elite coaching program is where they offer guidance and instruction to members of Pure Leverage (their backoffice training). They teach various attraction  marketing techniques,how to leverage a team to generate residual income,and other effective ways to make money with the Pure Leverage system.

Easy Lead Flow – Lead Capture System – To make money online you need some sort of lead capture system that collects your leads and follows up with them by email. That’s what you get with Pure Leverage’s Lead Capture System. Their system comes with a pre-written autoresponder sequence that nurtures leads and gets them to know,like,and trust the people that market the system.

Authority Blog – The Pure Leverage system offers a free authority blog for it’s members. Not only that, they teach and train members what type of content to post on the blog and how to promote it.

Traffic Training – If you can’t drive traffic to your Pure Leverage system you’re literally wasting your time,money,and effort! Joel and his in-house marketing team teach their members,step-by-step how and where to get the best quality traffic. They also offer their private rolodex of traffic providers they personally use in their business.

Video Email – With their video email service you’re able to record a short video of yourself using the templates they provide. They also offer free video hosting as well. Video is a great way to connect with your prospects and create trust.

Live Meeting Room – I had a friend show me their live meeting room and I was pretty impressed with what you get. It lets you communicate in real time with audio and video. It also lets you conduct presentations and share your desktop and files with all of your attendees. I believe their live meeting room is their bread and butter and what separates them from a few of their competitors.

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

The Pure Leverage income opportunity pays 100% comissions! You earn 100% commissions every time you refer someone to Pure Leverage. But there’s sort of a catch. You only get 100% commissions on the first month. Every month after that you get 50% commissions on your direct referrals. Check out the diagram below for a better explanation of the comp plan

pure leverage comp plan



But the comp plan gets better… Every time one of your referrals brings someone into the business,you’ll earn 50% for the 1st month and every month thereafter,your income can really add up over time because there is unlimited depth to this particular pay structure!

pure leverage matching bonus



My Final Thoughts

After doing my due diligence I believe Pure Leverage is a great marketing system you can leverage to build your network marketing business faster and more effectively. One thing worth mentioning is the Pure Leverage autoresponder system. People will keep paying for their autoresponder service month after month because without one you really can’t build a business online,meaning you can generate long and sustainable income as long as you’re able to keep referring people into the Pure Leverage system. The secret to success is promoting a system until success is obtained. Jumping from program to program will lead to your demise as a home business entrepreneur! If you feel like Pure Leverage isn’t for you, another marketing system I highly recommend is My Lead System Pro, ,it gives you all the tools you need,a ton of insider advanced training on how to generate traffic to your site, generate leads on demand, and promote your business. They can even help you make money right away to offset your expenses. Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started,regardless of your skill level.

To your continued success,

pure leverage

Tyronne Ratcliff







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