An Introduction To Private Blog Networks

by Tyronne

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private blog network

A Private Blog Network or PBN is a group of blogs built on expired domains that you own. SEO’s build them to rank their money sites.

Just so you know,any site that you want to rank on Google is known as you’re “money site.”

Your PBN’s are typically Tier 1 sites, meaning they link directly to the site you want to rank. You build them to pass Page Rank to your site so it ranks better. You can also have PBN links sent to your Tier 1 PBN’s,those would be considered Tier 2 backlinks. If you really want to get sophisticated you can also have PBN links sent to your Tier 2 PBN’s,of course those would be Tier 3 PBN backlinks. SEO’s build tiered backlink structures to control the flow of Page Rank.

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As I mentioned above,you build your PBN sites on expired domains. An expired domain is a domain that was owned by a webmaster who decided to drop the domain for whatever reason. Buying expired domains to build your PBN is a great strategy because you’re able to leverage the authority of a site that already has backlinks pointing to it. You want to look for expired domains that have high Page Rank (PR),Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA).

There are basically 2 ways to buy expired domains:

1 – Buy Deleted Domains – Deleted domains are domain names that are in “Deleted” status and have passed both the redemption period and the auction period. You can buy these domains at any domain registrar and the added benefit is the fact that there aren’t any auction fees.

2 – Buying Domains on Auctions – Your other option is buying expiring domains at an auction site like GoDaddy auctions.

Let me explain to you to important metrics to look for when buying expired domains for your Private Blog Network: Page Authority,Domain Authority,and Trust Flow

The amount of Page Authority,Domain Authority,and Trust Flow a site has will determine how much good authority and link juice it will pass to the site you want to rank. PA is the quality and quantity of links going to an individual page, while DA is the quality and quantity of links going to the entire domain as a whole. These are important metrics to keep in mind when buying expired domains for your PBN. Another important metric is what we call Trust Flow. Trust Flow is a very important metric because it can’t be gamed as easily as Page Authority and Domain Authority. The domains for your PBN should have a Trust Flow of at least 10 (TF10). Since Page Rank isn’t as big as a ranking factor as it used to be, SEOs are focusing on sites that have a Trust Flow of at least 10 and sometimes 15+ and higher. Expired domain vendors will usually base their prices on the 3 metrics I mentioned above.

Here is a great tutorial from my friend Jon Haver. It’s an 18 minute video on how to mine for expired domains using free tools

Hope you liked Part 1 of my Private Blog Network tutorial. In part 2 I’ll cover some important topics like content creation and the one topic people ask most about and that is what type of hosting to use for your PBN. Should be a good one. Stay tuned…






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