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by Tyronne

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pre launch mlm

Is it true that people who join a Prelaunch MLM make the most money? You’ve probably heard it all before if you’ve been in the industry long enough.Do not miss this brand-new MLM opportunity! Don’t get left behind! Are you a risk taker or do you prefer living within your comfort zone?

Pre Launch MLM – Most Companies Will Fail Within 36 Months!

Keep in mind that most MLM companies will fail inside their first 2 years.

So the question to ask is do you want to take a chance and join an unproven company during pre-launch, or would you prefer the security of joining a company that has withstood the test of time?

A company that’s in it’s prelaunch phase can be beneficial for certain people. So why do they do it? They do it as a marketing ploy to generate interest and to draw in new distributors from other companies.

The more excitement they can generate the more distributors that are drawn to the opportunity resulting in more free advertising for the company.

An MLM company is designed so that the more distributors it has the more sales it makes. During prelaunch the company won’t turn a profit so its goal is to get through this unprofitable phase as quickly as possible. The more reps they sponsor the more product they get out into the marketplace.

When any company starts out it will take them a number of months to reach a breakeven point and to start showing a decent profit, so enrolling as many reps as possible will shorten that unprofitable phase.

Those distributors and their teams that do join will not only benefit because they didn’t need to pay an enrollment fee, but will have the added benefit knowing that the company is willing to do anything to sell the product and get it out to the market as fast as possible.

An mlm company in pre-launch can save money because it doesn’t have a product to distribute, the downlines are just being created and are going through the training and coaching program.

Wow that sounds great or is it? Don’t jump into this too swiftly.

The rate of failure in mlm is gigantic,only 10% of these companies will succeed. Give it some thought, you have spent 2 or 3 years building your team, becoming a leader and working tirelessly to make great earnings. This is the danger, if it all goes pear-shaped you lose everything and you’re back to square one, but on the other hand many of us have been able to generate large incomes.

Don’t be in such a hurry that you fail to take a good look at the product, the training the company offers and the compensation plan. They also need to have a good managerial team with experience in mlm.

The product again is another important factor, Is it top quality? Is it something you can purchase anywhere? Would you be proud to sell it to family and friends? Is it something that’ll be out of date in just one or two months?

Experienced network marketers can look at certain facets of a company rather quickily and they look at several things before they join, people that are new to network marketing might not know the correct way to judge an exciting new business as effectively. Your sponsor should be someone that you can trust and ask questions to, always remember that the only stupid questions are the ones  you don’t ask.

It’s real tempting to get in during pre-launch either by yourself or with a team, one thing is certain, if the company gets out of their prelaunch phase and has record growth, you and your team will flourish.

But that’s where the rubber meets the road with any network marketing business – regardless when you join.

Because its actually not important if the company is new, in pre-launch, or has been around for ages.

None of that really matters. What matters is what will YOU do with the company and how you go about building your business.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide if you want to take the risk of joining an MLM company during prelaunch or whether you would prefer to join a  more stable and established company. Most people will do the latter, so the percentages will be in their favour right from the beginning.


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P.S.You’re probably wondering how I learned all this online marketing stuff. All I did was follow a system, it’s really not hard if you have a system, get the system I use here



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