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by Tyronne

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posting on purpose

Posting on Purpose for Profit will literally take you by the hand and teach you how to make money with every piece of content you create.  Having a reason to create content (posting on purpose) will lead to better results. If your goal is to build an optin list, and it most certainly is, get in the habit of posting on purpose.

 Posting on Purpose – The Money Is In Building A Targeted List Of Subscribers

Your target market can be struggling network marketers, internet marketers, or affiliate marketers. The way you attract these type of marketers is by providing value and solving problems. They “optin” to your webform, give up their name and email and get something of value in return.  It could be free marketing training, a bootcamp, audio interview, etc. Once they’re on your list, you now have the chance to offer your subscribers products for sale, yes I said for sale! But before you can make money, the PEOPLE on your list must get to know,like, and trust you. This is an ongoing process but can be quite lucrative, keep adding people to your list, provide value and watch the checks come in!

Posting on Purpose – You Need An Autoresponder If You Plan On Marketing To Your List

In this course you’ll find out what autoresponder he recommends and how you could be leaving money on the table if you don’t get this part right. He also goes over the importance of having your own list that you control, some tips on how to get better deliverability and why some autoresponders are better than others.

When POP (posting on purpose) always keep the end in mind, Rob Fore posts his content in different ways and you’ll learn how he does it in this course. And if that wasn’t enough he’ll even show you a way to make money without even having a website of your own, imagine paying $5 to get some marketing done on your behalf and you pocketing all of the profit!

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