PopUp Domination Review

by Tyronne

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popup domination

If you are an online network marketer against annoying “popups” you may want to rethink that after you read this product review. Nothing else matters more than generating leads. No leads means no moola! So if your goal is to build your email list so that you can build long term relationships with your readers, then PopUp Domination may be the right solution for you.

And if your blog provides meaningful content and is a resource your readers find value in, they will continue to visit your site, pop-up or no pop-up.

What Is PopUp Domination?

PopUp Domination is a premium plugin that can be used on any site or blog, but is not limited to just WordPress blogs, which allows you to create attractive, eye-catching pop-up forms that effectively and tactfully help you increase your subscriber base.

People enjoy a clean, professional look, not only for your blog, but for your opt-in forms, your ebook covers, and your online courses as well. PopUp Domination provides a number of styles and design choices, over a dozen different color combinations, which offer a more professional web form compared to say GetResponse or AWeber.

Just the act of tweaking your opt-in form can double or triple your daily lead flow. The money is in the list and the more people on your list, the more money you will make online.

How could an extra 5 leads a day, 30 leads a week, amounting to 1500 leads a year impact your profits?

How much more money could you be making a day, a week, yearly just by changing your blog’s opt-in form?

How Does PopUp Domination Work?

This premium plugin is extremely simple to install and setup. There is even a video tutorial to walk you through the installation steps. Once installed, you can customize your form in less than 5 minutes by choosing your style, colors and filling in some key data fields. Here is a short video from the creator Michael Dunlop, enjoy!

 Get PopUp Domination By Clicking Here!

What makes PopUp Domination so attractive is its versatility. Popup Domination supports a number of autoresponders including AWeber, iContact, Mail Chimp, GetResponse and many more. Create a new autoresponder webform, cut and paste the html code for your new form and the plugin does the rest!

Once you finish customizing your PopUp Domination form, activate it and let it do its job!

As with anything you’ll want to test various forms, colors and copy, but don’t get crazy. Stick with your form for a week or so, and then tweak one thing at a time until you feel like you’ve optimized the conversion rates to your site.

PopUp Domination has a 60 day guarantee and promises a full refund, so try it out and see if you get more subscribers…what do you have to lose! Click here for more information!

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P.S.You’re probably wondering how I learned all this online marketing stuff.

All I did was follow a system, it’s really not hard if you have a system, get the system I use here




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