Pickle Face Marketing

by Tyronne

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Hey,Tyronne Ratcliff here…

You’ve seen the “Pickle Face” right?

See,back when I was just starting out
online,I would FORCE results.

Have you ever tried to force results?

Like opening a pickle jar? I mean
how do they get those on so

Funny thing is it’s always such a
SIMPLE fix that gets you from body
wrenching frusration to deep feeling
of success right?

Picture this…

You’re bent over a pickle jar,your face
making what I call “The Pickle Face”

see the pickle face…














Seems so simple, but opening a pickle jar
is sometimes the test of your manhood.


For me, it has become what I’m famous
for around the house…. I’m like a Pickle

Here’s why.

when you know a secret method, or
the “HOW”, or you have the right

You can do anything. You’re like

(cape optional).

See, when you just tap the edges of the
lid lightly with the back of a knife… the
jar just opens super easily (try it. And
you’ll look like a genius at the same time)

OR you could use one of those Good Grip
things that just make you feel like the Hulk
in front of all your wife’s friends… haha

OK let’s get serious here…. This is NOT
about pickles. So what does opening
a pickle jar have to do with making money?

Good question!

Listen closely….

Making money is a FORMULA.

A simple, easy, predictable and
TEACHABLE formula.

Just like baking a pie. Or, opening a
pickle jar.

But it only works when you have ALL
the pieces (ingredients) working together.

Here’s what you need to even start
thinking about making money online….

1) A good product (one that people want and
are literally foaming at the mouth to buy)

2) A great presentation that sells the good product

3) A way to get your presentation in front of
the right people, those who are qualified and
would be interested in watching the presentation

4) A place to capture the information of qualified
people, so you can communicate with them over

5) Know where to find the qualified people, so you
can get them to your presentation, which does a
good job at selling the good product…

6) A community and culture that keeps your new
team members / customers around, so THEY can
have success, by using the same FORMULA….


That’s a LOT to get working on – how many of
the points do you have set up and ready to go?

Trick question…

Reality is, you either have 1, or likely NONE.

And quite honestly, you don’t want ALL the
pieces separately.

You want them combined and packaged
nicely as a SYSTEM.

See, people fail, Systems Succeed!


(like this one) <==

And when you do this… all you need to focus on
is the last part… getting the qualified people in front
of the system.

You also want the system to show you where to
find the people — right?

So you can choose how many sales you want
to get, and then figure out how many people
you need to see the presentation!


But not available in many places…

Until now.

And only because we have tested and continue
to test how successful our SYSTEM is, can you
literally plug yourself in right now, do what we
show you to do…

And as you listen and follow directions, you will
then be able to get the results you want.

See, nobody wants to be a tech wizard, and
know all the ins and outs of how stuff works.

You want to put the dishes in the dishwasher,
hit CLEAN… and come back when it’s done.


That’s what I do…. I put the people in the system,
hit GO… and come back to welcome you to the team.

And here is where you can get the same
system that I personally use, to have
more time, more money, and a great life.

Today there are 3 more spots available for
you to get our custom systems set up instantly
just for YOU…

When you choose to get instant access to the
exact SYSTEM and Daily Action Plan that has
taken me from never being able to make a single
sale online, to now being able to create results on

You will have an all access pass just like we do…

…and now it’s your turn – Click Here

In this video, you will see how to get access to
the simple formula so you can easily make the
money you deserve…

Go check it out

Talk soon!

Find me on Facebook

Here’s my cell…
Call it if you need help/advice/answers.

Email: tyronne@tyronneratcliff.com
Skype: tyronne1578



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