Online MLM Secrets- A Beginners Guide To Keyword Research

by Tyronne

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keyword research
Every online marketer wants their site to rank high on google. This
would in turn generate free traffic for your site. So what do I mean by getting on the first page of google? All it means is that it would show up in the top 10 search results for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. There are several ways show up on the first page of google. There are different marketing strategies like blogging, article marketing or any other form of content marketing to help you do that. No matter what you decide to do you still have to know what keywords you want to rank for.

So how do you choose your keywords

Your first order of business is to do some keyword research. I like to use Google’s free keyword tool. With this free keyword tool you can figure out how many searches per month particular keywords are getting. It will also give you hundreds of synonyms for your chosen keywords and their monthly search volume as well. The general rule is you don’t want to rank for keywords that have a search volume higher than 2,400.

After you have figured what keywords you want to rank for you can do further research by downloading an add-on to your browser. There are different ones to choose from ,but the one I highly suggest is SEO Quake. You can download the toolbar right here. It will work with most of the top browsers out there that people are using. This tool comes in handy and gives you a lot of useful information about your competition like how old their site is, pagerank, and how many backlinks they have.

Your next step is to do a google search for your chosen keywords so you can study up on the top 10 sites that show up on the first page of google. This is a great way to get ideas for your articles, you just want make sure that your content is original and not something you “cut and paste” from another website. With the tools you just installed you can study the SEO of your competition. Once you’ve done that you will have an idea of what you have to do to outrank whoever it is you want to outrank, be it the person who is at the #1 spot, #2 spot, etc.

With these exact same tools, you can look at your own SEO stats. You can figure out what keywords are working and which ones are not. There is another tool called rank checker you can get from that will tell you where any site ranks on the search engines for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Get it right here as well.

Well there you go, this should give you an idea of how to get started with your online keyword research. These free tools should help you greatly in your content marketing efforts. Content marketing is an awesome way to generate traffic to your website and most of all it wont cost you a penny.


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