Private Coaching

If you want private,one-on-one coaching from me you’ve come to the right page!

So let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I’ve been an online marketer for the last 5 years.

My first few years were tough.

I’m not gonna lie,I struggled…

But through the years I’ve gained a ton of wisdom,knowledge and skillsets

Plus I’ve gotten results,and I’d love to share with YOU what’s working for me in 2017

But more importantly I want to teach you what doesn’t work when it comes to online business.

It’s real simple,if you want results in your business stop doing EVERYTHING that
doesn’t work and focus on the few things you know will move your business forward,
I want to teach you those things that work and lay out for you a clear path to success!

Understand this,a 1 hour coaching session can save you years of frustration,overwhelm and confusion
and that’s definitely something I don’t want you to experience

Anyways,lets get down to pricing…

For a small fee of $200 you get 1 hour of my time. Ask me ANYTHING related to:

-Affiliate Marketing
-Marketing in general
-Traffic generation
-Lead Generation and Conversions
-Email Marketing

Ask me anything,pick my brain,I don’t hold anything back. Be ready to take notes as well!

So here are your next steps…

Step #1 – Call me at the number below. We’ll have a quick 10 minute chat (or text) to
see if this is for you (please respect my time,I’ll respect yours)

Step #2 – If you say yes to my 1 hour coaching offer we’ll set up a time to talk.

Step # 4 – Pay the non-refundable $200 coaching fee RIGHT HERE

Step #3 –  Contact me via phone if you live in the United States OR Skype if you are outside
of the United States (the time and date we agreed on)

Here are my contact details:

Phone – 408-449-7002
Skype – tyronne1578

Talk to you later!

profile pic as of 6-9-2016

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