Can ClickFunnels Help Me Build My Network Marketing Business?

by Tyronne

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Network marketers are always wanting to know if ClickFunnels is a tool they can use to build their business online.

Well the answer to that question is of course!

But if you think you’re going to set up a funnel in ClickFunnels that prospects & recruits for you on complete autopilot then I have some beachfront property to sell you!

If you want to use an online funnel to help build your network marketing business your first goal should be to generate leads

You generate MLM leads by offering your prospects a lead magnet (a free gift) in exchange for their email address

Focus on getting them on your email list first.

This will give you the ability to market to them and build that relationship (know,like and trust)

So for example…if you’re in a weight loss MLM offer them a free report on “The 7 Best Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat in Under 90 Days”

Someone would be more than happy to give up their email address to get a report with that kind of title because it’s benefit driven

Your prospect is ALWAYS thinking what’s in it for them,always remember that…

This is what we call attraction marketing. You’re offering value up front before asking your prospect to do business with you

The attraction marketing system I use to generate more leads and money for my MLM is right here


What I like about ClickFunnels is that they have templates specifically designed for network marketers.

You can grab your 14 day free test drive to ClickFunnels right here

Now once you start generating leads by giving out that free report on shedding belly fat your building an topic-based email list!

The guys over at make tens of millions of dollars online by building topic-based email lists in all sorts of different niches

Always focus on generating leads,no matter what kind of business you’re in

Once you get them on your list there will be a time in the future to share with them the business side of your network marketing company.

I would lead with the product first.

Well that’s it for today, I wanted to keep it brief since it’s Saturday

If you have any questions hit me up in comments section below

By the way,you can grab your free 14 day test drive of ClickFunnels right here 🙂










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