An Unbiased MyFunLIFE Review From Someone Who Didn’t Join

by Tyronne

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Are you looking for an unbiased review of MyFunLife? Well if that’s the case you’ve come to the right place. Hi,I’m Tyronne Ratcliff and I help home business entrepreneurs generate leads and cash flow online. In the next few minutes I’m going to give you some basic information about MyFunLife,the products they market,and the one skill set you’ll need to master if you want to accelerate your success in MyFunLife or any other network marketing company for that matter. Let’s get started!

So who is MyFunLife and what do they sell?

MyFunLife is a privately held network marketing company that was founded in Idaho in March 2013. The founders are Dan and Matthew Edwards. They offer a range of different lifestyle products with travel being their bread and butter. MyFunLIFE’s CHA-CHING booking engine works with a top travel engine to find members the best deals on flights,hotels,car rentals,cruises,and more. Members of MyFunLIFE can earn cash back on personal travel and get paid money when they refer their friends through their CHA-CHING booking engine. The company basically uses the power of buying in bulk to offer exclusive vacation packages,called FunTRIPS,at a fraction of what non-members would pay. Members of MyFunLIFE also have access to FunCONDOS,luxury condos in resort destinations, at discounted rates.

MyFunLIFE’s Mission Statement and Goals:

Their mission is to provide a global network of positive people,life changing products,and an unparalleled opportunity for their members,their communities and the world they live in. Now that I got that out of the way,let me cover the enrollment options and more importantly how you get paid with the company.

MyFunLIFE customers can use their CHA-CHING booking engine for free. But it costs $21 to become a member of the company and receive full access to the CHA-CHING Booking Engine,FunTRIPS and FunCONDOS packages,as well as a fully functional backoffice with business tools,videos,contact management system, and more.

MyFunLIFE Compensation Plan:

They have a 3X10 forced matrix mlm compensation plan. Members can generate income up to 7 levels deep without sponsoring anyone,or can earn commissions on up to 10 levels of monthly membership purchases,plus qualify for up to 50 percent Check Matching and weekly coded bonuses. Members can also receive cash back on all the travel purchases that are made through their own CHA-CHING Booking Engine,and also earn overrides on any customers they refer and receive a commission on all of their bookings as well.

Can You Make Money With MyFunLIFE?

Of course you can! Like with any program it’ll work if you work it. I actually know of a few people that are crushing it with MyFunLIFE. It’s a great company and they give you an opportunity to make good money. What about the products? Come on,who doesn’t like travel? But here’s the thing, 97% of the people in network marketing are failing because they can’t master on vital skill set,and that’s mlm lead generation! The ability to generate interested prospects is the secret of the top producers in network marketing. Taking nothing away from the old school methods (the 3-foot rule,cold calling leads,etc),but I’d rather leverage the internet,generate leads online and build my mlm with 21st century technology! I highly recommend My Lead System Pro,it will give you all the tools you need plus advanced training you can use to generate traffic to your site, generate leads on demand, and promote your business. They can even help you generate money right off the bat to offset your expenses. Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started – regardless of your skill level. It’s time to stop struggling and accelerate the growth of your MyFunLife business, wouldn’t you agree?

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To your continued success,

Tyronne Ratcliff



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