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Tweet Old Post – This is a great plugin if you want to tweet your older blog posts and do it on complete autopilot. I have mine setup where it tweets an older blog post every 4 hours. I get a few visitors a day with this plugin alone. This really isn’t considered a SEO plugin but I thought I would mention it because I love it so much.

SEO Rank Reporter – This plugin actually tracks your google rankings and gives you a report and an easy to read graph as well, plus it’s convenient because it’s within the wordpress dashboard.

All in One SEO Pack – This is one of the more popular SEO plugins and one of my favorites as well. It makes it easier to optimize your blog for the search engines, specifically your on-page factors like your meta description,keywords, and title. For anybody that might be new to on-page SEO, the meta description is what you would see if one of your blog posts was in Google’s index, here is a snapshot below:


This is a Visalus Review that I got to rank #1 on Google for. If you click on the image above you’ll see that I have the keyword ‘Visalus Review’ in the title,URL, and meta description.

SEOPressor – This plugin makes it easier to optimize your blog posts for your chosen keywords (On-Page SEO).  Plug in your keywords and seopressor will give you a score out of 100 based on various factors. Here are  a few of the On-Page factors that will determine your score out of 100:


  • Do you have the H1 tag containing your keyword
  • Do you have the H2 tag containing your keyword
  • Do you have the H3 tag containing your keyword
  • Is you keyword in bold
  • Is your keyword italicized
  • Is your keyword underlined
  • Is your keyword density high enough
  • Is your keyword in your image ALT tag

Spend the $40 to get this plugin, it’s well worth it!

WordPress SEO by Yoast – This plugin is like All in One SEO Pack  on steroids, all I know is that it’s a kick ass plugin and best of all it won’t cost you a penny. Click on the link above for more information on this one.

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2This is one of my secret weapons, this SEO Plugin does a few things related to your on-page seo but I like the fact that it will actually record what keywords your visitors typed into the search engines to get to certain pages on your site, and display those keywords below your posts, here is a snapshot below of a Visalus Review I did, you’ll notice there are 10 keywords in the picture below that are related to the phrase ‘Visalus Review’.

Visalus Review

Google XML Sitemaps – This should be apart of your SEO tools arsenal, the name only mentions Google but this plugin creates an XML sitemap that can  be read by Ask, MSN and Yahoo as well.

Well there you go, make sure you come back soon, I expect to expand on this list or maybe write another blog post altogether.

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