My Top 5 Traffic Sources For Beginning Bloggers

by Tyronne

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traffic tips for beginners

In this post I wanted to share with you my top traffic sources for beginning bloggers. There are so many ways to get traffic,some ways are better than others, but today I want to cover just a few of my favorites. These methods are also good for people that are just getting started out.

The key to driving traffic is to focus on a few methods and stick with those until you get results and then keep repeating what works.

Forum Marketing – This is probably one of the easiest ways to get a good amount of traffic to your site, the key is to find forums in your niche that get lots of traffic, don’t waste your time with automated software that will create 100’s of thousands of forum profiles, it’s a waste of time and could get you into big trouble with the search engines. I know this post is for newbies but I wanted to bring it up and let anyone who is familiar with this tactic that it’s a waste of time,money and not worth getting penalized for.

To be effective in forums you have to contribute on a continuous basis. It does require a little time and patience but can payoff if you do it for an extended period of time. Most forums will let you leave one or two “self serving” links in your signature box. Using a catchy phrase in your signature box is a good way to attract a forum users attention and get them to click on your links. Here are a few things I wanted to let you know before getting started with forum marketing

1) Read the forum’s TOS (Terms Of Service).  I got banned from a really good forum for doing something I thought was completely ethical, it’s always good to skim over the forum’s TOS before opening up an account, some forums are lenient but some are like one mistake and your done. The forums that don’t allow you to leave a signature I usually ignore since it kind of defeats the purpose of forum marketing.

2) Be an active participant – Being active in the forums is a good way to build your name with the community. If you’re a newbie to a forum you can introduce yourself to other members of the forum and say something like this:

Great to be here on the network markting forum… look forward to exchanging ideas, thoughts and experiences and learning from everybody!

The best way to get people to notice you is by posting regularly and answering as many questions as you can, this will position you as an expert in your niche and is good for your brand.

Article Marketing –  This is an awesome source for traffic and has proven to work over a long period of time which is why I like it.

Submit your articles to the top articles directories on the internet, and I do mean the top ones! There’s a tool called Article Marketing Robot that marketers use to submit their articles to thousands of directories but most of them are of low quality. There is a right way and a wrong way to use Article Marketing Robot but I’ll leave that for another post. So if you happen to be a newbie and your site doesn’t have authority, stick to submitting your articles to the top article directories to get backlinks, here are a few to get started with:



Guest Posts – This is another great traffic source and will drive a huge amount of visitors to your site, take some time and due your diligence when looking for blogs you can guest post on. There are all sorts of blogs that accept guest posts, but they all have different rules that you must follow. A couple commons ones are:

  • Your article must be unique and can’t be on another site somewhere. This makes sense since they wouldn’t want any issues with duplicate content.
  • No contextual links that lead to affiliate offers, but you can have links that either go to your blog or a squeeze page you created.
  • The content must be well written and have good grammar. This really needs no explanation

I always thought guest posting was a neat concept since it’s a win-win for both parties. The one hosting the guest post get’s unique quality content on their blog and the guest poster get’s targeted traffic to their site.

An easy way to find blogs that accept guest posts is to go to Google and type in the following:

“guest post by” + “your niche”


Guest Commenting – This is similar to guesting posting but instead of publishing content on another person’s blog you comment on existing posts. This is probably the easiest traffic source and this strategy is the easiest to implement, it’s as simple as finding blogs that get lots of traffic and dropping a valuable comment that contributes to the discussion. If you plan on doing this strategy understand that it’s a numbers game, you have to be really aggressive to get results, but it works! I like to drop comments on posts that were just published since I’ll get more exposure. This is another method that people get spammy with,. so I would avoid using any software that promises you thousands of blog comments in seconds.


Email Signatures – This is another traffic source that a lot of people don’t think of. Every time you send out an email make sure you have a signature with a link going to your site or blog. It doesn’t matter who you’re sending your emails out to either, make it a habit to always leave a link to your site or lead capture page, even if it’s as simple as leaving a facebook message. Any type of correspondence your having with another person is an opportunity to expose your links, just make sure your doing it the right way and not spamming them with your links just to get a sale.

There you go, a couple of my favorite traffic sources that a newbie can tap into to get more visitors to their site. Feel free to leave a comment!
















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