My Perpetual Income System

by Tyronne

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If you want to quickly scale your online business and generate a nice stable income for the rest of your life reinvest a good chunk of your profits into marketing/traffic. Most of my profits go into buying solo ad traffic from Udimi so I can build a big list and better leverage my efforts.

Bigger list = Better chance of success!

If you’re a newbie I highly suggest you get into paid marketing so you can get quick results and start building your list ASAP.

By the way,be smart with your earnings!

Over the years I’ve seen countless affiliate marketers quit and leave the industry because they go out and blow their money on jewelry,cars and extravagant vacations. They didn’t manage their money well and now have to go out and find jobs.

Or they simply ruined their reputations by trying to swindle people/affiliates out of their money when times got bad for them

Don’t be like them!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t treat yourself to the finer things in life but be smart with your money. And of course don’t take advantage of people.

My perpetual income system will help you to reinvest your profits back into your business so you can scale quickly and get results faster than the average affiliate who is struggling to make a buck

My perpetual income system is outlined below in step-by-step fashion

Let’s get started…

Step #1 – Buy traffic/clicks from Udimi. Blogging,Video Marketing & Social Media Marketing should be included in your traffic strategy but don’t expect to get instant results. These kinds of traffic strategies take a lot time and effort for the average person and should be a part of your “long game”

Step # 2 – Invest in a ready-made funnel/sales system. I use a marketing system called My Lead System Pro. It has all of the tools and training you need to make money online plus it’s perfect for newbies. I send a lot of my solo ad traffic to their ready-made capture pages. If you join at the “University Level” ($49.97 a month) you make 15% off of the people you refer at that level. Mastery Members ($149.97 a month) make $100 a month off of the people they refer at that level. You can make $1,000 a month by simply referring 10 people as Mastery Members.

If you send enough traffic to your biz-0pp/marketing system some of your leads will eventually turn into signups,just run the numbers!

Step # 3 – Devote at least 65% of your online earnings into buying more traffic for your offers. The best investment you’ll ever make in your online business is buying traffic. Buying traffic will give you the ability to scale your business fast so you can leave that job you hate and have time and financial freedom in your life

Traffic + Sales System that Converts = Money in the bank!

To your continued success,

Tyronne Ratcliff










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