My Money Making System

by Tyronne

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Whether you want to fire your boss and leave your job or just make more money as an internet marketer I have a SYSTEM that can help you accomplish that.

Check it out below…

My money making system consists of 3 things and they are:

1- Various business opportunities (because people have different budgets)
2 – A marketing system/funnel to help build my email list
3 – A traffic source

Let me talk briefly about marketing systems and funnels…

You can try building out your own funnels from scratch but if you’re just getting started I highly suggest you use a marketing system called My Lead System Pro.

My Lead System Pro has ready-made funnels (system campaigns) you can start promoting right away so you can start building your email list.

I like to promote My Lead System Pro on the front end because people need tools & training to help promote their business opportunities (MLMs,biz-opps,etc)

Plus MLSP is sort of like a business opportunity because you can make money promoting it and some people treat it as such.

Anyways,you NEED a marketing system/funnel so you can put your leads through some kind of process so they can begin to know,like and trust you.

Without those 3 things (Know,Like and Trust) people aren’t going to buy your products,services & business opportunities!

So your first order of business should be to setup your marketing system/funnel (#2) If you join my team in MLSP I’ll help you with setup.

Once you have your funnel setup you need to buy traffic. I buy all of my traffic from a website called Udimi. If you signup with Udimi under my link I’ll share with you the only 2 guys I buy traffic from.

Not all of the solo ad traffic being sold on Udimi is good but there are 2 guys who always send me good clicks plus they always over deliver!

The other thing I like about Udimi is their affiliate program. If I refer you I get 15% commissions on all your traffic orders for life. You can make a nice income promoting Udimi if you can refer a few “gurus” who buy a shit ton of traffic every month.

I’ve already referred 14 people to Udimi’s affiliate program and one of my referrals bought over $500 in solos (earning me $81.62).


The 3rd leg of my money making system are the various business opportunities I promote. I promote a variety of biz-opps at different price points because people have different budgets

That’s why I promote little biz-opps like Lead Lightning because anyone can afford it (it’s only $7 one time). I also like to promote big ticket offers that cost over $1k. 

The formula is real simple.

#1 – Setup your funnel/marketing system. Get started with that HERE

#2 – Buy traffic so you can build an email list fast then get your subscribers to know,like and trust you. Do that right HERE

#3 – Promote to your email list a variety of business opportunities at different price points

That’s it!

If you have any questions about my money making system let me know in the comments section below!











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