My Lead System Pro Mastery Bonus

by Tyronne

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Tyronne Ratcliff here…

A blatant pitch for you today!

If you have no interest in MLSP this blog
post isn’t for you

But if you’re still interested in me talking about
it read on…

When you join my team in MLSP you’ll get all
of the tools & training you need to generate a
nice residual income from home

I’m talking about making $5k – $10k a month
promoting the MLSP Mastery membership

Think BIG!

Think of MLSP as just one of your income

Let’s do the math…

At the Mastery level you make $100 residual
for every person you refer

Refer 2 Mastery members ($200 in total commissions)
and you’ve covered the cost of  your membership
plus you netted $51 ($200 – $149 membership fee)

Refer 100 members at the Mastery level and you’re
at 10k per month

If I’m correct industry leader Diane Hochman makes
well over 10k per month promoting MLSP plus her
list size isn’t anything to brag about from what I hear

And I’m guessing she doesn’t really care considering
she makes a multiple 6-figure income every year!


MLSP is sort of like a business opportunity but
at it’s core it’s a system to help you build an online
business on a solid foundation

When I mean solid foundation I mean attraction
marketing & providing value to your target

That’s how you make the BIG money online

Here are the BONUSES you will receive if you decide to
join my team in My Lead System Pro Mastery 

Bonus #1 – System Setup & Auto-Responder Integration
I will do most of the system setup for you plus I’ll
integrate your auto-responder so you can start building
your email list on day one.

(If you don’t have an auto-responder simply reply to
this email and I’ll share with you the one I recommend)

Bonus #2 – Free Tuition to my Facebook Prospecting
University. I’ll give you free lifetime access to my facebook
marketing course. This course will teach you how to build
trust,credibility and rapport with people on facebook so you
can close them into MLSP or your primary business

Bonus #3 – Free Access to my Video Marketing Bootcamp.I’ll
give you free lifetime access to my video marketing bootcamp.
This training will teach you how to rank on the 1st page of Google
with your YouTube videos so you can make passive income selling
affiliate offers.

I love ranking my YouTube videos on the 1st page of Google because
they just sit there generating me traffic,leads and sales. Video
marketing is the best way to generate affiliate income in my

Bonus #4  – Free blog critique. If you’ve been struggling to get results
with your blog this blog critique will be priceless. I’ve been blogging
for the last 5 years and I know what works and what doesn’t when it
comes to generating leads and sales with a blog.

After you signup at the Mastery level simply email me at
tyronne[at]tyronneratcliff[dot]com to get your My Lead System Pro
Mastery bonuses


Quote of the day:

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.

-Henry J. Kaiser


Talk to you later,

Tyronne Ratcliff

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