A Third Party Review Of Momentis

by Tyronne

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momentis review

Since you’re reading this review, chances are you’re searching for information about Momentis , in this article I’ll cover some information about the company and their business opportunity.

In addition I’ll go into what you can do to position yourself ahead of the 95% of your competition should you decide to become a distributor, but first let’s cover the facts you need to know about the company.

Who Is Momentis And What Do They Sell?

Momentis is a company headquartered in Dallas, and is the marketing arm of Just Energy, a multi-billion dollar company that is traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. They’re open for business in the United States, Canada and they just recently opened up in the United Kingdom as well. They provide residential energy, commercial energy, natural gas, satellite television, internet, mobile phone applications, phone service, home security, energy management systems, and energy saving appliances such as water heaters.

How Do I Get Paid?

In order to make money with Momentis you simply have to sign up customers and then get them to do the same. They have 5 ways for you to earn money and they are:

-Immediate income

-Mentor bonuses

-Leadership bonuses,

-Team bonuses

-Residual income.

How To Have Success With Momentis

If you decide you want to join Momentis then there are a few things you need to understand in order to be successful with the company. If you don’t have people to talk to you don’t have a business. Most people that get into network marketing do it because of the products and because they were promised that they could make a significant income from home. New distributors are told by their upline to approach their family and friends when first getting started out, now don’t get me wrong, this is a good way to launch your business, but there will come a point in time when they run out of warm market people to talk to and this usually results in frustration. Well guess what? The internet is too big to ignore and there’s a good chance they’ll look to online marketing to grow their business. With that being said, it does take time to build a business online and you must have a few things in place as well. The 3 things you will need to have success online are a lead capture page, an offer and a followup system.

Setting these things up can be overwhelming for a lot of people, that’s why I suggest you leverage a proven system that already has these things in place.  By leveraging a system you’ll save yourself time, energy,money and most importantly frustration!

You’re probably wondering what type of proven system you can use to grow your Momentis business and have a life of financial freedom. I suggest My Lead System Pro. It will give you all the tools you need plus a ton of insider advanced training you can use to generate traffic to your site, generate leads on demand, and promote your business. They can even help you generate money right off the bat to offset your expenses. Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started – regardless of your skill level. It’s time to stop struggling and accelerate the growth of your business, wouldn’t you agree?

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