MLM Rankings – It Won’t Matter Without This Fundamental Skill!

by Tyronne

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MLM Rankings

If you decided to get involved an MLM business,I hope you did your due diligence and joined a company you feel would be a perfect match. Its as easy as making a list of companies you MAY want to join then simply deleting them one-by-one until you find the one that you feel would be the best for you. By looking at a list of MLM rankings, you’ll get a good idea about which MLM companies you may want to join and which ones to avoid.

There are a number thing to consider before making a decision about which MLM company to join,don’t take these “MLM rankings” as gospel either, do your homework and get your information from different sources as well.

How long has the MLM company been in business?

Look for an MLM company that has been around for five to ten years. Companies come and go in the MLM arena. They pop up everywhere but most of them fail for a number of reasons, a lot of the time they don’t get the proper funding and don’t have the capital to invest in marketing and advertising, or maybe their products aren’t what you would consider to be “evergreen”, or maybe the management team isn’t experienced. Comparable products may be available at big box retailers like Walmart or Target, or they may be just too damn expensive!

A number of people may have made their fortunes from getting in early on an MLM launch,beware because there are huge risks involved if you’re new to MLM, don’t be tempted to join an MLM company just because its in it’s “prelaunch” phase or in on the “groundfloor”, a lot of this is just clever marketing to get you to join!

The Company’s Products Will Be A Big Factor In Their MLM Rankings

An MLM company’s products are important too. Decide what sort of product you’d want to promote.

The key to promoting a product successfully is to market a product that you have a belief in and something you would buy yourself.

Its really hard to convince a prospect that what he or she is buying is good when you know in your heart it’s not. So find something that you would personally use yourself and something you can really get behind.

Mary Kay and Amway are always at the top of the MLM Rankings and for very good reason, the people that promote their business opportunity also love the products and these big MLM companies also have product customers that just enjoy the products and nothing else. Getting repeat orders is also a bonus, but if you’re not prepared to do in-home demonstrations then avoid promoting these type of products altogether.

If you like to cook and wouldn’t mind doing in-home cooking demonstrations you may want to join a company like Pampered Chef

Like I said, you’ll be required to give cooking demonstrations, so think about that before making a decision to join. provides tons of free information regarding MLM companies. You may have noticed that the majority of the top MLM companies have products that appeal to women,you know, things like household goods, cosmetics, cleaning products and clothing. There are a number of great MLM companis to join, do your homework and pick wisely!

Take a good look at how a company may be gaining or losing ground in the MLM rankings, if you see any dips in any one company’s MLM rankings try and find out why.

The company’s compensation plan will also have an impact on your financial future. Many MLM comp plans have unusual titles such as “matrix” and “unilevel”. You need to understand the compensation plan, and if the person recruiting you isn’t in a position to explain it to you in layman’s terms,  move on and signup under someone else or maybe try a different company.

This is your financial future we are talking about here, its your business and you need to be clear about every aspectof it, so before getting involved with a company watch their MLM rankings for a few a weeks and then make a decision if the company you’ve been monitoring is right for you.

Your Company’s MLM Rankings Don’t Mean Squat Without This Fundamental Skill!

At the end of the day your company’s MLM rankings won’t mean a hill of beans if you don’t learn the art and science of lead generation. Yup thats correct! Leads are the lifeblood of any business and  any of the top producers in our industry will tell you that. I highly recommend you leverage the internet to generate leads for your business. I highly suggest you plug into a proven marketing system and community like My Lead System Pro,it gives you all the tools you need,a ton of insider advanced training on how to generate traffic to your site, generate leads on demand, and promote your business. They can even help you make money right away to offset your expenses. Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started,regardless of your skill level.

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MLM Rankings

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