MLM Prospecting Tricks To Get More Leads (Part 1)

by Tyronne

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mlm prospecting tricks

One of the things network marketers struggle with is running out of people to talk to about their business, in part 1 of this series I’ll go over a couple easy and cost effective ways to generate leads on a daily basis. These are some mlm prospecting tricks I learned from a MLSP training webinar, so a lot of these tricks may not apply to you if you’re not a member of My Lead System Pro, I suggest you get on their 14 day trial, it’s like 9.95 plus there’s no risk involved since you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied. You can check out My Lead System Pro right here>>check it out!

That being said, lets get on with the show!

Proven MLM Prospecting Tricks To Get More Leads

Use the system (MLSP) – When you’re first getting started you want to get results right away, so why not just use the system campaigns they have designed for you right out of the box? While you’re setting up your funnels start using the system campaigns to get started with, so you can go out there and get  leads right away. Go through one of the webinars, jot down some notes, write an article or blog post and promote MLSP, or if you don’t have a blog share that free twitter training with your twitter followers, or the famous in 60 days campaign with the facebook groups on facebook, you can’t get any more targeted than that!

Work Events -This is about as targeted as it gets, what seems real popular right now is meetup groups, all you have to do is go to to find people that are putting on meetup groups in your local area. Make sure you are getting business cards and not handing them out to people. That’s one thing I used to do a lot and guess what, 99.9% of the people you hand business cards to don’t call you back and the ones that do are the ones that want to share their opportunity with you, lol. Ask plenty of questions, like What do you do? Where are you from? What industry are you in? Get their contact info (business card), then call them back the next day. Tell them that you didn’t have a chance to really have a conversation with them and ask them this:

I’m just throwing this out there, but would you be open to a business opportunity, you know, something that wouldn’t interfere with what you’re doing currently?

Postit Notes – I had to laugh when my friend Larry Beachum coined the phrase “mobile classified ads”, but it’s true, that’s what they are.

What you do is leave around town simple postit notes with good ad copy that would get some one to take action, like maybe calling a 1-800 number or going online to get a free gift in exchange for their name and email. Here is some sales copy you could use on your postit note:

Superstars Only!
Make $50k to $300k
Don’t call Unless You Are A Producer

The only thing with this strategy is that you’ll get a high volume of calls from tire kickers, so send them to a 1-800 number to filter them out so you can get to the qualified ones. You wouldn’t want them calling your cell all day and wasting your time.  This is what I call posturing which will get you a higher quality lead. The more hoops they have to jump through the better quality lead.

Larry’s best day with this strategy was 35 calls and he only needed 100 postit notes to do it. Postit notes are cheap, so it’s cost effective, you’re looking at a penny per note with this strategy, awesome stuff!

Obviously the prospect is going to ask you what it is your offering when you get on the phone with them, so tell them it would be a long conversation and then ask them what it is they’re looking for, let them know right away that what you have isn’t a job, and then try to either get them out to an event or even share with them MLSP to get them in your online sales funnel.

These are just a couple of the mlm prospecting tricks you can use to get more leads daily.

P.S.People always talk about how they have problems creating content, if you happen to a member of My Lead System Pro you now have another way to create content, dig into their 2 years worth of training in the backoffice, jot down some notes and then create an article with what just learned,you could literally create content till the cows come home. If you’re not a member of My Lead System Pro I suggest you hop on the 14 day trial they got going because I don’t know how long they will have this offer up, talk to you soon!

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mlm prospecting

mlm prospecting

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