MLM Prospecting Tips

by Tyronne

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mlm prospecting tips

Positioning and Posture – Before you get on the phone with your prospects you want to make sure you’re at a peak state. Where are you at emotionally? Did you have a bad day? Are you stressed out? You want to make sure you in the right state emotionally, the prospect will be able to sense your energy over the phone, so make sure your in a positive state and be confident. What you can do is take a deep breadth which will put you in a relaxed state getting rid of any anxiety.

Put yourself in their shoes – You want to make sure you look at the situation from their perspective, not yours! Because to tell you the truth, they’re looking for what’s in it for them anyways. Your basically on the phone with them to see if what you have to offer is a match for them, focus on what you can do for them instead of what they can do for you.

Ask plenty of questions and listen – I remember David Wood interviewing Cedrick Harris,and he talked about how the best prospectors have the biggest ears, so very true! Make sure you’re listening carefully to what they’re saying. They’ll give you all the information you need, then you can determine if what you have to offer will be for them and if they’re a good match. Ask a lot of questions as well so you have control of the conversation.

Give clear and concise directions – The last phase of the conversation is when you give your prospect a call to action. You’ve made a lot progress at this point, you’ve built some rapport, your confident and you’ve handled objections and asked plenty of questions, now you want to take them to the next step. Make sure you give them clear and concise directions on what to do next. That could be sending them to an online presentation or webinar, just make sure your very clear on your directions. Your prospects wants to be lead, they’re looking for the person to lead them and tell them what to do, be that person!

There you go, here are a couple of mlm prospecting tips you can use right away when calling your leads.

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