MLM Prospecting – How To Overcome Your Fears And Recruit With Ease

by Tyronne

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mlm prospecting

MLM Prospecting will always be the name of the game if you have a desire to achieve success in network marketing. All of those marketing strategies you use to create leads won’t make a difference if when you generate them you don’t actually pick up the phone and call them.

A lot of network marketers fear prospecting to the point that they engage in avoidance behaviors. Just so you know an avoidance behavior is anything you do to avoid the pain associated with MLM prospecting. That could be the pain of being rejected, hang-ups, or failing. So you write an article or blog post, wave to people on facebook,refresh your email looking for commission notifications, watch dances with the stars,etc…

Well guess what?

As long as you engage in these avoidance behaviors you wont make money or get closer to your goals.

Here are a couple of action steps you can take to help overcome your fear of MLM Prospecting

Change your thinking – You have a fear of MLM Prospecting since you relate it to pain, negativity, etc. This is not the way to think because as we all know what you concentrate on grows.

So instead of thinking of the pain and negativity associated with MLM prospecting, think about the things that MLM prospecting can do for you. Maybe it’s something that will build your confidence, make you more money, give you the ability to take vacations, buy a new car, etc.

Change the way you think about MLM prospecting and concentrate on the more positive things associated with it.

These are things to focus on before picking up the phone to call your prospects. When you get your prospects on the phone your focus has to shift from it being about you and what you want, to them and their needs and desires. The only station they’re tuned in to is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

Build up your confidence through personal development – The state of mind your in is everything when we talk about the subject of MLM prospecting. It’s the foundation of your business. A business on an unstable foundation isn’t going to be in business for long. You have to learn how to identify all of the self-limiting doubts and beliefs you have, some of which you may not even be aware or conscious of because they are buried deep inside your subconscious thoughts.

Reading the right books and taking in good information on a daily basis will help you do that. Make a commitment to read 10 pages of a good book every day. Just imagine how many books you would’ve read in a year if you committed to just 10 pages a day!

Have in place an attraction marketing system to funnel your prospects through – Using an attraction marketing system will help you brand yourself as a leader. The whole idea to is brand yourself as an alpha leader and someone who leads with value and in doing that you’ll have people pursuing you instead of you having to pursue them.

Use scripts to guide you in your MLM Prospecting efforts

So now you got your mind right, you’ve built up your self-confidence and you’re ready to go but now you don’t know what to say to your prospects. Many fail when they get to this part, but you don’t have to.

MLM prospecting is a skill and to be really good at it you need to practice. Well reading scripts is a good way to start, plus reading them will build up your confidence and get you into the right flow when your on the phone with your prospects. But let me warn you, they should be used as guides so don’t get on the phone with people and read them word-for-word. They’re just used as guides.

Here are some scripts put together by a multiple six-figure earner in network marketing, click here to get Todd’s scripts now!

You can use these scripts at any time and are really good for recruiting professionals like real estate agents, lenders, insurance agents,etc.

These are the type of people you really want to target because they’re already familiar with things like selling,marketing,prospecting, connecting with people, and their jobs are performance based, meaning they receive commissions. They do what we do as network marketers, which means they are qualified people to talk to right from the start.

Well there you go, I hope you had a couple takeaways from this blog post, if you found this post useful don’t be hesitant to share it on your social networks or leave a comment, I always love feedback!






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