MLM Prospecting – How To Get Their Number

by Tyronne

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Hello Tyronne here and welcome to my blog! Do you ever have a hard time getting people’s phone numbers when exposing them to your business? When you’re out and about exposing people to the business it can be a bit awkward at times. I mean you’ve just met the person and even if you’ve built some rapport it can still be a little uncomfortable asking them for their number. In this quick video I want to give you one crucial MLM prospecting tip that will make getting your prospects phone number a whole lot easier. Check it out below!


Once you have your prospect’s contact information you still need to know what to say to them when doing your followup. Well I’ve got you covered! I’m giving you access to Todd Falcone’s “GO-TO SCRIPT” for absolutely FREE! Because knowing what to say to your prospects when following up with them is half the battle!

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