Should You Buy MLM Lead Lists To Build Your Network Marketing Business?

by Tyronne

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Ok, you’ve made a decision to join a network marketing company. You probably got really exited because some one introduced you to the concept of residual income and told you that all you had to do was get 3 ,and then those 3 would get 3 ,and then you would be able to leave your 9-to-5 JOB in corporate America. The downside to mlm is when you’ve run out of people to talk to and you’ve went through your list of 100 friends and family.

Who do you talk to then?

MLM Lead Lists – Why would you buy these when you can generate your own for free?

If you want to talk to people about your mlm business there are these companies that sell MLM Lead Lists that you can buy in bulk. But it isn’t guaranteed that your leads will have any interest in your business, or that they even know anything about multi-level marketing.

There is a good chance that before you bought these MLM lead lists that these leads were sold to a couple other lead buyers. What are the chances of converting a lead that has already talked to say 3 or 4 other people? I’m guessing slim to none. The problem is a lot of these leads are simply business opportunity seekers, meaning they might love the concept of working from home but have no experience in this industry and have never been educated on what it takes to run a home based business.

Rather than puchasing these MLM Lead Lists, why not have an attraction marketing system in place to generate these mlm leads for you. Just imagine having a steady stream of highly qualified  leads for your business on a daily basis. To really build a mlm business effectively you need people to talk to on a consistent basis who are actually interested in what you have to offer. You can do this with attraction marketing. You essentially become the hunted not the hunter.

The great thing is you can use these principle of attraction marketing online to leverage your efforts and to automate a lot of the tasks. Some of the  people  on your MLM Lead Lists will be interested in your opportunity and some won’t. The ones on your MLM Lead Lists that are still on the fence will be given valuable information from you consistently. This will help in the relationship building process. Its important to stay in touch with your leads because this is vital when wanting to build a thriving mlm business. People join people who they know, like, and trust.

Having an attraction marketing system in place will generate you highly qualified people to talk to about your mlm business. At the same time you will be able to share with them valuable information about building an online business which will position you as a leader in your chosen niche. You become the one that people seek out, which will give you less resistance in your prospecting efforts. Isn’t that what we all want in our mlm business? This will result in a thriving business for years to come, not just one that is merely surviving.





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