Looking At MLM Companies? A Couple Things To Consider When Picking The Right Business

by Tyronne

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mlm companies

Looking at MLM companies? There are tons of them out there to choose from. Some are good and some are not so good and some will make you scratch your head. I guarantee you every single one of them will tell you they’re the best and some will tell you they’re on the “ground floor” and how their product will cure you of all your ailments.

So which MLM companies should you hitch your wagon to?

Here are a couple things to look for when looking at MLM companies.

1. Who is running the company?
It’s always important to check up on the people who are running the company and find out if they’ve had any past experience and success running and operating other mlm companies and if they have had any past failures as well. Have there been any complaints against members of the leadership? You can contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to get any of your questions answered regarding any mlm companies you need information on, mlmlegal.com is also a good resource as well.

2. The companies products
Does the company actually have a product that people have a need for? Does the company even have a product? Some mlm companies don’t even have products and are just excuses to launder money amongst friends.  If there is no need in the marketplace for the product they’re offering that’s a redlight and you maybe looking at a pyramid or matrix scheme. Even if they have a product that people want, is it any good? Check for mlm company reviews from credible sources if you can. If you’ve been in the industry for some time you know there is fierce competition especially in the health and wellness sector, so the products must be unique so they stand out from millions of other similar products. Another thing you should ask yourself is would you recommend your products to your family and friends. If you say no to this question you may have a bad product.

3.  How do you get paid!
You want to have a good knowledge of the company’s compensation plan and how much you’ll get paid. A lot of MLM companies require  your downline to push a certain volume of product sales in order for you to qualify for certain payments and company bonuses. You want to study the compensation plan thoroughly as well and see if it’s inline with your income goals, it may not be. If you’re confused get some expert advice from someone who is in one of the upper levels of the company, these comp plans can get quite complicated! How much it will cost to get started and if there are any ongoing fees (auto-ship) are also things to look into.

4. Who will you  join under?
Who will your sponsor be? A big part of your success when you first get started in your mlm business will be the guidance and mentorship of your sponsor. One thing you need to be aware of is that not all sponsors are good ones, they’re all too pleased to get you in their business but after they sign you up they’re gone with the wind, this is something that happens a lot so be cautious! I would make it a point to speak to potential sponsor to see if this is some one that you  connect well with.

5. What type of training does the company provide?

This subject could be another blog post altogether, but what type of training does the company offer? I wanna shoot straight from the hip and tell you don’t expect too much! Most mlm companies will offer you training related to a lot of the traditional belly to belly methods of recruiting. Which usually means talking to friends and family and coming up with a warm list of people to contact. These thing still work for some people but in the last couple of years the internet network marketing industry has exploded on the scene and there’s  a reason for this… it works and it works well!

Well here are a couple things to keep in mind when looking at MLM companies.

I’m guessing you want to join an mlm business you can be successful with, right?
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See You At The Top,

mlm companies

mlm companies

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