The 7 Universal Rules of Marketing

by Tyronne

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If you want to make money marketing your biz-opp,high ticket affiliate program,marketing system or ecommerce product there are certain universal marketing rules you must follow.

Check them out below.

Rule #1 – There will always be a irresistible offer. The amount of options are endless. Competitors will always be fighting for the attention of your prospect. Once you grab their attention (a big part of marketing) you better have what we call an irresistible OR “no brainer” offer. The product you are selling is the deliverable but the actual offer is everything you offfer with the product to get people to buy (bonuses,money back guarantee,etc)

Rule #2 – There will always be scarcity with all of your marketing pieces. Limit the amount or time or quantity of the product you’re selling.

People don’t value things that are easily accessible. Make sure it isn’t fake scarcity because that will hurt your brand. Your prospects have a good memory!

Rule #3 – There will always be clear instructions on how to buy your product or service (clear call to action). One of the worst things you can do as a marketer is confuse your prospects,especially when it comes to asking for the sale.

Rule #4 – There will be tracking,measurement and accountability for every dollar you spend on marketing/advertising. You can’t manage what you can’t track.

Key metrics to focus on when buying advertising are:

-Return on Investment (ROI)
-Cost Per Lead (CPL)
-Cost Per Click (CPC)
-Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
-Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

All of these metrics are what I like to call “key performance indicators” (KPIs)

Rule #5 – There will ONLY be organic social media marketing. This is extremely important if you’re new to the industry and on a shoestring budget. Most of your money should be spent on paid advertising,copywriting and creating irresistible offers.

Bad investments on social media include:

-Any money you spend on “social media branding”
-Spending thousands of dollars on custom graphics for your Facebook header
-Spending money on Facebook ‘Like’ campaigns
-Buying expensive coaching from self proclaimed social media “gurus”

Rule #6 – There will be daily and aggressive followup. The buyers on your list won’t have any problems with your daily emails. Agressive followup every day is a great way to weed out the tyre kickers. You’ve heard it a million times but the fortune truly is in the followup!

Rule #7 – There will be strong salescopy (this includes offer creation,the marketing of your offers,enhancing your offers). You’re leaving a ton of money on the table if you’re copywriting/salescopy sucks.

One of the best investments you’ll ever make as an online marketer is buying great courses on copywriting/salescopy. One copywriting course I highly recommend is Copywriting Mastery by million dollar earner Brian Fanale.

Apply these rules in your business and you will make more money!

Having any marketing rules you go by in your business?

Share them with us in the comments section below!



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