Magnetic Sponsoring

by Tyronne

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magnetic sponsoring

The traditional methods related to making sales in network marketing were left behind when the internet was invented.

In the past network marketers did cold calling, sold their products and services to loved ones, or set up shop at hotel meetings to introduce new people to the business.

Magnetic Sponsoring is one of the newest and fastest growing ways of getting leads and is actually part of this whole theory of attraction marketing online and both methods work great.

From an MLM standpoint attraction marketing works amazingly well, and by utilizing strategies taught in Magnetic Sponsoring you don’t have to waste your time chasing down leads, qualified or otherwise. You’re not the hunter instead you’ll enjoy the benefits of having people hunting you down with an interest in what you have to offer.

A number of people have make it clear that they have gone from being penniless to enjoying a 6 figure income in under a year with Magnetic Sponsoring.

Whether or not you’re  new to multi-level marketing or if you are quite familar with the industry, you can have the same results with Magnetic Sponsoring.

If you’re a beginner and you haven’t even started on your MLM career, there are a few steps you need to take before jumping into the Magnetic Sponsoring program.

1. If you’ve chosen to focus on Magnetic Sponsoring, care must be taken to choose a suitable company that will compliment it.

Join a company that keeps up with the modern developments in the industry, this will make it easier to build your business.

2. Is the product desirable, of good quality and evergreen? Or is it a one minute wonder that will become obsolete in a year?

Will you be proud to promote it? Can you buy it somewhere else for less? In this economy nobody is going to buy something that is of bad quality and pay more for it if they could just buy it at their local Walmart!

Evergreen products are things people will always have a want and need for. Like stuff for children, things for the kitchen and time-saving tools. People will always buy them, yes they do buy electronics but they’re outdated in a matter of weeks. Without a good quality, evergreen product your business is doomed right out of the gate.

3. Low buy-in opportunities are critical in today’s current economic climate since people are wanting to make money on the side with a small investment, with that being said there should be an initial investment as a motivation otherwise downlines tend to drift away too fast. $200 appears to be the average these days.

4. You want a website devoted to the product and to recruiting. Simpler said than done.

Setting up a site and getting traffic involves many strategies like SEO and optimizing your site  for the keywords people are searching for. Sites have to show up high on Google’s first page when a person does a keyword search. You will need a system to generate backlinks too. It will take time and lots of effort to get a site generating traffic.

5. Software is also something to consider since for all intents and purposes that’s what will run your online business. If you plan on building an mlm business online, it’s important that you use a system that includes capture pages and an autoresponder. These two things will be the bare minimum.

Competition is fierce online, thousands of other people are struggling to achieve success alongside you and although a system will help  you dramatically, it can’t do all of the work for you. Pick an MLM company carefully, take a long hard look at the feasibility of its products and if you are confident then the very next thing you should do is get a proven system in place and that would Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.

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To Your Continued Success,

Tyronne Ratcliff





P.S.You’re probably wondering how I learned all this online marketing stuff. All I did was follow a system, it’s really not hard if you have a system, get the system I use here



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