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Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Is Mike Dillard’s flagship product still relevant today?

If you would of bought Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring five years ago you would of received a spiral bound book at around 100 pages, it was nicely printed and had a quality feel to it, and the hardest part was having to wait for it to reach your doorstep.

Fast forward to 2011 and magnetic sponsoring is a  78 page ebook ready for download right after purchase.

I purchased magnetic sponsoring about a year ago and was first introduced to the concept of “attraction marketing”, just so you know the principles of attraction marketing have been around since antiquity but never really put into action online. What I like about Mike’s book is he spelled out the concept in a unique way, it was put together so that a complete newbie could understand it.

In this magnetic sponsoring review i’ll highlight the chapters of the book to give you an idea of what to expect.

Chapter 1 Understanding The Source of Personal Attraction

In this chapter he talks about the source of personal attraction and the qualities of a “alpha networker” We all know that the people that build huge dowlines are leaders, this chapter discusses how leaders attract success and what it takes to be one of those leaders.

Chapter 2 – Your Business Has Nothing To Do With Your Company

Man could I talk about this for days, after reading this chapter you’ll get a better idea of what you’re really selling and how you can postion your marketing in a way to attract the right type of people to give you more ease and flow in your business.

Chapter 3 – The Secret to Becoming a Professional

In this chapter he briefly talks about some of the emotional highs and lows of the industry and how not to become a victim , what I liked about this chapter was it was short and right on point.

Chapter 4 – An Introduction to Magnetic Sponsoring

This part is an overview of what magnetic sponsoring is all about, some of the marketing secrets behind it, and why it’s so effective.

Chapter 5 – How to Find Your Best Prospects

In this chapter he talks about the two things to keep in mind if you want to market effectively. He also talks about who are the “opportunity buyers” and why you want to target them.

Chapter 6 – How to Create a True Business Franchise

In this chapter he talks about the power of having a complete franchise system and even uses some examples in real world to explain his point, one of my favorite chapters in the book.

Chapter 7 – The Psychological Secrets of Magnetic Sponsoring

In this chapter he talks about how to use the magnetic sponsoring system effectively by learning more about people, we all know this is a people business!

Chapter 8 – How to Position Yourself as an Expert and Attract Leads to You

If you want people hunting you down you need to position yourself correctly, he talks about a couple ways you can do that without having to “fake it till you make it”, you can position yourself as a leader right now by making the most of what you know, powerful stuff indeed!

Chapter 9 – Funded Proposals: How to Get Paid Even When People Don’t Join Your Business

Over the course of your network marketing career you will attract a lot of prospects, but around 95% wont join your business, with a funded proposal system you have a chance to make money off of the people that say no to your opportunity, this is just one way to cover the cost of doing business. It’s like a perpetual marketing machine, I get goose bumps just thinking about it!

Magnetic Sponsoring Review – In Conclusion

Even in the year 2011 this information is still applicable and relevant in the network marketing industry. The principles of attraction marketing are timeless, if you master what is taught in magnetic sponsoring you will be successful in any network marketing company you happen to hitch your wagon to.

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magnetic sponsoring

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