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by Tyronne

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Magic Submitter Review – Is Magic Submitter One of The Best Linkbuilding Apps On The Market? Is It as Good as GSA Search Engine Ranker or Senuke XCR?

Before I give you my opinion…let me ask you a couple of questions…

Question #1…what if you could rank any blog,article or video on the 1st page of Google,Bing or Yahoo?

Question #2…what if you could completely automate your online marketing by spending just a few minutes a day?

So you could spend the rest of your time focusing on the more profit producing activities in your business…

Well,if you any answered YES to any one of these questions make sure you read this rest of this Magic Submitter review.

Magic Submitter Review – What Exactly Is Magic Submitter?

Check out this video from Alexander Krulik,who is the creator of Magic Submitter

Get Started With Your Risk Free 30 Day Trial For $4.95

But don’t take my word for it,look at what my friends on my Facebook Page had to say:

Magic Submitter is desktop-based software that builds backlinks to your articles,blogs and videos to give them a better chance of ranking on the 1st page of Google…

Because no backlinks = no 1st page rankings,no traffic and no sales!

One of the main benefits of Magic Submitter is the time it will save you since you won’t have to build your backlinks manually…I used to build my backlinks the manual way and it hurt! Learn from my mistake and automate your linkbuilding with Magic Submitter…

With only a few clicks of your mouse,this software will build thousands of high-quality backlinks to your content so it can rank on the major search engines. Ranking high on the search engines will result in more traffic,leads and sales for your online business.

The other thing I like about Magic Submitter is the fact that it builds backlinks from a variety of different sources. All the major search engines require you to build a diversity of backlinks to your content…that’s if you plan to rank high on their search engines. Here are just a few of the places Magic Submitter will submit your content to:

magic submitter


It’s all about link diversity baby!

Another awesome benefit of Magic Submitter is the fact you can drip feed backlinks to your website so they look natural to the search engines. The secret to running any kind of linkbuilding software is to stay under Google’s radar…Magic Submitter gives you the ability to do that. You can setup a campaign inside MS that builds a variety of links over a period of time so it looks natural to Google and you don’t get the infamous “Google Slap.” No need to worry,Magic Submitter will keep you out of Google’s radar when ran correctly.

To see Magic Submitter in action check out this video right here

So Tyronne…is Magic Submitter is good as GSA Search Engine Ranker and Snuke XCR?

I would have to say yes! One advantage GSA has over Magic Submitter & Sennuke is price,GSA SER is only a one-time payment of $99. Senuke XCR is more expensive at $147 a month and Magic Submitter is only $67 a month after the 30 day trial for $4.95. Magic Submitter is a way better deal than Senuke since they basically do the same thing and Magic Submitter is 1/3 the price. MS is $67/month plus you can try it for 30 days and only pay $4.95. Plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose with Magic Submitter since you can try it out risk free for 30 days. Worse case scenario is that Magic Submitter doesn’t live up to what you expected and you get your $4.95 back. Or maybe the opposite happens and Magic Submitter over delivers and helps you get your content to rank on the 1st page of Google…resulting in more traffic,leads and sales for your business!

Well you won’t know until you try,get started with your RISK FREE 30 day trial by clicking the image below. Thank you for your time and have a great day! Click the image below and get your content ranking on the major search engines today!


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